Halloween Party Checklist Free Printable

Plan an epic Halloween party and don’t forget a single thing with this helpful Halloween Party Checklist. It will free up your mind so you can think of creative Halloween Ideas instead.

If you’re like me, the fun part of party planning is the creative part – creating the theme, decorating the cupcakes, and designing costumes. But trying to figure out when to choose a location or whether you bought the drinks all takes away from your creative energy.

This checklist breaks down exactly what you need to do and when you need to do it.

free printable halloween party checklist

That way, you can space out all of the tasks! You won’t be stressed out, just effortlessly checking things off the list.

And the best part of all is that this checklist is completely free!

Halloween will be here very soon, so grab the checklist and start planning your party.

What’s In The Checklist

When you download the free Halloween checklist, what will you get?

There are three pages in the checklist. The first page is full of pretty much any Halloween printable you might need. There are links to printable costume awards, wine bottle labels, and even activity sheets for kids.

Then, the checklist is on the second page, It splits up your tasks by when you should do them. It will take you from a month before the party up to the week of the party. This is the most important part of the packet.

And the last page is filled with links to costume ideas. Whether you’re looking for funny costumes, costumes for adults, or scary costumes, there is something for everyone on this list.

See? It’s so much more than just a checklist! Grab this free bundle, it will help you start planning your Halloween party.

Can you plan a party without it? Sure you can! But all the tasks are laid out so neatly that you’ll love having this one thing prepared for you.

Space Out Party Planning Tasks

The best way to accomplish a big task – like planning a Halloween party – is to split it up into smaller tasks, over a longer period of time.

This way, you won’t be scrambling to do everything all at once the week before the party.

In this Halloween Party Checklist, all of the tasks are split up over a month.

All of the biggest tasks – like setting the budget and finding the location – should be done a month before the party. This is especially important if you live in a busy area where things get booked quickly.

Then, by the time the party week gets here, all you will have to do is buy or make the food and decorate.

The checklist really takes all the stress out of party planning!

free printable halloween party checklist

In fact, you might just wonder how you ever planned a party without it.

More Halloween Party Ideas

As you plan your Halloween party, here are some more ideas that you’ll love too! Use them at your party for a fun time.

I have so many more Halloween ideas too – just browse through them all and pick out your favorites!

free printable Halloween party checklist

There you have it! Did you get the free Halloween Party Checklist yet? Download it and start checking things off your list. The party is almost planned!

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