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The Best St. Patrick’s Day Drinks | Green Cocktails

You’re going to love these fun St. Patrick’s Day Drinks!  It doesn’t matter if you are having an adult St. Patrick’s Day party or a mocktail for the kids, all of these green drink recipes can be used for any kind of drink! Plan your next St. Patrick’s Day party with a splash of luck with this list of tasty St. Patrick’s Day green cocktails to choose from! (Make a fun drink menu to add to the shindig!)

St Patrick's Day Drinks featuring green cocktails, green boozy shakes, green jello shots, and more.

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St. Patrick’s Day Drinks Supplies:

Here are some great supplies to have on hand if you’re planning on making any of these cocktail recipes

20 St. Patrick’s Day Drinks And Green Cocktails

1. Mint Irish Iced Coffee Cocktail

This easy-to-make drink only takes six ingredients and it contains only 3.5 oz of actual alcohol. You will need a shaker to mix this one. Makes for a great presentation for parties.
St Patricks Day themed irish iced coffee with mint and ice cubes

2. Vanilla Mint Leprechaun Kiss 

This festively green St. Patrick’s Day drink features vanilla-flavored vodka, lemon-lime soda, and food coloring! (Plus there are only 1-2 shots of vodka so great for smaller parties or people that don’t like heavy alcohol in their drinks.)

St. Patrick's day themed green drink featuring vanilla, mint, and and green food coloring.

3. Creamy Baileys Iced Coffee

This Bailey’s Iced Coffee has a twist featuring Vietnamese Coffee Cocktails. If you like coffee you’re going to love this St. Patrick’s Day twist (you can actually have this year-round too).

Bailey's Iced Coffee with Vietnamese Coffee, bailey's, and ice cubes in a tall glass

4. Luck Of The Irish 

This is a perfect St. Patrick’s Day drink for looks. It contains three alcohols (Midori, Snapps, and Vodka for a total of 2.5oz of alcohol in each serving). You also add pineapple juice to the mix for an added touch of sweetness. Top it with festive rainbow fruits/candy for an added touch!

Colorful St. Patrick's Day featuring greens and blues from combining Midori, Vodka, and Snapps

5. Thin Mint Cocktail 

If you love Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies, you’re sure to fall in love with this Thin Mint cocktail! You will need 5 ingredients to make this delicious treat! (Not counting your cocktail shaker). You can make these year-round and don’t have to wait for cookie season!

St. Patrick's Day drink featuring Bailey's Irish Cream, green food coloring, and mint on top.

6. Shamrock Shake Pudding Shots 

A cute smaller way to have some festive drinks with these itty bitty shamrock shots! These little guys only require 3/4 cup of entire alcohol to make 12 complete St. Patrick’s Day drink pudding shots!!

St. Patrick's Day themed jello green pudding shots with cherries on top

6. Electric Mimosas 

Everyone loves a good brunch Mimosas right? These “spicey” mimosas with a St. Patrick’s Day twist contain vodka, champagne, and blue curacao combine to create an electric shock to the tastebuds for sure!

7. Moscow Mule Jello Shots 

Take to the next level with these adorable jello shots in mini copper mug shot cups! Combine your favorite ginger beer with vodka to create these easy to toast shots!

8. Lucky Leprechaun Shots 

Add a little luck of the leprechaun with these green shots! While they may not look it, these tony shots are packed full of a fruity punch that you can serve for St. Patrick’s Day and year round!

9. Jameson Irish Lemonade 

Jameson is always linked with St. Patrick’s Day, so keep it classic this year and make these Irish Lemonades! These are super easy to make with just two different steps!

St. Patrick's Day Drink featuring Jameson Whisky to make a sweet lemondade

10. Green Hawaiian Cocktail 

Add another fruity and GREEN drink to your St. Patrick’s Day drink menu with these island drinks! While you may have heard of the Blue Hawaiian drink, the green version is a little bit less sweet than its fruity sister but still delicious.

Colorful St. Patrick's Day Drink that features a green color with cherries and pineapple toppings

11. Mint Chocolate Shamrocktini 

If you need a quick drink for your St. Patrick’s Day parties then these martinis are the perfect addition. Just four ingredients and a couple of shakes and garnish with a minty piece for added touch and TA-DA!

St. Patrick's Day Drink featuring green alcohol and mint chocolate in a martini glass

12. Green Beer

Green Beer is a necessity on St. Patrick’s Day! It’s nearly a right of passage. Make sure when choosing which beer to turn green that you go with a pale beer that is light enough to be able to show the changing color.

Festive St. Patrick's Day Green Beer

13. Rainbow Cocktail Slushy 

While maybe it’s not a green twist but you can have an over-the rainbow style with these Rainbow Cocktail slushies! These are way easier to make than you think and you get to use popsicles!

St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Cocktail Slushies in small glass

14. Shamrock Juice Cocktail 

This drink recipe does call for a tad bit more alcohol than others, so if you’re making these for people who might have a lower tolerance, we recommend tapering it down to fit the crowd.

St. Patrick's Day Green and Blue Shamrock Juice with colorful fruit garnish

15. Fizzy Apple Cocktail 

Get a little bubbly in your cocktails with these delicious apple St. Patrick’s Day drinks. If you like appletinis then you or your party are going to love these!

St. Patrick's Day fizzy cocktail drink in tall glass

16. Leprechaun’s Lunch Cocktail 

Drink another classic favorite for St. Patrick’s Day with this Bailey’s infused creation. No food coloring needed to turn this green either!

St Patrick's Day Drink with a green twist on classic cocktail in a short glass

17. Emerald Rain 

Not targeted directly for St. Patrick’s Day, this juicy cocktail recipe is perfect for your party! If you need a weaker style drink this can be made without the vodka too!

St. Patrick's Day Emerald Rain Cocktail drink in martini glass

18. Green Apple Jolly Rancher Cocktail 

Add a sweet and sour twang to your St. Patrick’s day cocktails with green apple jolly ranchers! You can also make these into shots too! This recipe also has a non-alcoholic version that’s easy to make too.

St. Patrick's Day Drink featuring green apple jolly ranchers candy

19. Irish Trash Can

The name may throw you off but these are popular and in demand, especially for St. Patrick’s Day! Now while it does contain multiple different alcohols, what turns it green is the combination of ALL those together, which is cool to watch happen.

St. Patrick's Day Drink idea featuring redbull

20. Shamrock Shakes

Enjoy milkshakes? Like ’em a little boozy? These are super easy to make and only contain two different types of alcohol. The recipe does make two shakes (so prepare ahead if you think these might be popular).

St. Patrick's Day Drink idea featuring a boozy milkshake in a classic glass

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