DIY Custom Dessert Pretzels – Dessert Table

As many of you know it a big trend now to custom color your desserts or treats to your party theme? So, in the spirit of the “color themed” dessert table – in this case matchy, matchy is in not out! {I watch too much Project Runway!} This is a super easy way to do just that!

DIY Custom Dessert Pretzels – Dessert Table

Bag or container of White Yogurt Dipped Pretzels
Colored Candy Melts
Plastic squeeze bottle found in baking supplies – mine is Wilton

How to make chocolate drizzle pretzels | OHMY-CREATIVE.COM

How to make chocolate drizzle pretzels | OHMY-CREATIVE.COM

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Simply tear off a large piece of foil and spread out your yogurt pretzels.

yogurt pretzels

You can either melt your colored candy melt in the microwave or in a double boiler saucepan. When using the microwave, I would set the time in 1 minute increments, stirring in-between each minute until melted. Then carefully poor the hot chocolate into the plastic bottle. I will warn you the bottle will be hot to touch. I placed a paper towel around the bottle when using it.

How to drizzle chocolate

With a fluid motion, drizzle the chocolate back and forth, over the pretzels. I let the chocolate harden for a couple of hours, then layered the pretzels in a plastic container until party day. I used wax paper between each layer of pretzels to keep them from sticking together. They looked perfect!

How to drizzle chocolate

chocolate drizzled yogurt pretzels

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Hope your day is creative!

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Susan B

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  1. Hi! I’m visiting from Blog Hop and just want to compliment you on your blog. The design is great, the colors are lovely and your photos are nice too.

  2. thanks for the inspiration! Simple and great for St Patty’s Day!

    Featuring this tomorrow at my TOP 10 from Create & Inspire Party!

    Angie from ALI

  3. I dipped pretzels for Valentine’s Day treats. Such an easy fun thing to do. Like the idea of using the squeeze bottle to drizzle the color. I used a fork. This looks easier and less messy. ~ Sarah

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