Eye-Popping Monster Halloween Candy Bar Wrappers

Delight the kids with these spooktacular Eye-Popping Monster Halloween Candy Bar Wrappers Free Printables! These not-so-scary Halloween candy bar wrappers can be used on any rectangular-shaped snack packages.

These Halloween candy bar wrappers make fun Halloween treats. Perfect for trick or treat, Halloween party treats or Halloween gifts.

Fun monster halloween candy bar wrapper with glued on monster mouth and 3D eye coming off the wrapper.
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The kids will think these Halloween treats are super cool!

Halloween Treat Wrapper Supplies

monster Halloween Candy Bar Wrapper supplies.

Halloween Treat Wrapper Instructions

1. Gather or purchase your supplies including the candy bars or snacks you are planning to wrap.

2. Print Monster Printable Sheets.

3. Cut out wrapper background, Eyes and monster mouths.

4. Wrap candy bar or snacks with the background of your choice. Trim off any excess and glue along the edge where wrapper overlaps.

5. Place glue on the back of a mouth and place it on an angle on the wrapper towards the bottom of the candy bar/snack.

How To Make The Monster Eyeballs 3D

Using a piece of white printer paper, cut strips of paper roughly 1/2″ by 4 or 5 inches. Then fold back and forth creating an accordion fold method.

Glue one end of the accordion strip of paper to the candy bar and glue the other end to the eyeball cutout.

And there you have it – eye-popping 3D Halloween candy bar wrappers!

If you don’t have time to make the eyes 3D, simply glue them to the wrapper background. They will still be very cute to hand out!


Snack cracker and supplies to assemble Halloween candy bar wrappers.


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Image of free printable monster snack and candy bar wrappers.


Fun monster halloween candy bar wrapper with glued on monster mouth and 3D eye coming off the wrapper.

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