DIY Halloween Lanterns From Laundry Pod Containers

Make these cute DIY Halloween Lanterns from empty laundry pod containers. They come out so cute and there are so many ways to decorate them!

Halloween is a really fun holiday! There are so many different Halloween crafts and spooky treats that I enjoy making. I’m pretty proud of how these turned out too.

If you use laundry pods, then you probably have a few of these lying around already. Keep reading and I’ll show you how easy it is to turn laundry containers into fun Halloween lanterns.

Fun Halloween lantern crafts glowing with and without tealights place inside.
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How To Make DIY Halloween Lanterns

The laundry pod containers are the perfect shape for making lanterns. After you put some lights in them, they will glow beautifully. Set them outside on your porch and they will be a fun way to add some whimsical spookiness to your decor.

Here’s how to make your own little lanterns.


Here are the supplies you’ll need. I split it up by each lantern type – so pick out your favorite.

Frankenstein’s Monster Lantern Supplies

Ghost Lantern



These are the tools you need to make them.

Label adhesive remover – Goo Gone or Goo Gone Pro Power

Disclaimer: Laundry pod containers are not food safe. Please do not use as a candy container or place any food inside a pod container.  

How to remove a paper laundry container label for crafting.

How to Remove a Label From A Tide Pods Container

The very first thing you will have to do is remove the labels – and this can be a pretty tough process.

One of the best products to remove the laundry pod container label is to use Goo Gone adhesive remover or Goo Gone Pro Power adhesive remover. Cover the label with the Goo Gone and let it sit overnight. Make sure the label is saturated so it can seep into the adhesive layer.

The next day, just lift the edges of the label and peel it off. You might need to add a little more Goo Gone under the label if the adhesive is not softened enough.

Once the label is off, remove and leftover adhesive with more Goo Gone and something with a rough surface like a dry paper towel or fingernail. You don’t want anything too rough that it scratches the plastic container.

DIY Halloween Lantern Laundry Pod Container Instructions

Follow these instructions to easily make your own Halloween lanterns.

Step 1: Remove the Labels

Remove labels from the laundry pod buckets and wash them thoroughly inside and out. Dry the buckets completely.

Step 2: Download the Cut File Set

Download the cut file set, upload to Cricut Design Space and follow the prompts to cut the shapes from the heat transfer vinyl. Because there is not any text, you do not need to mirror the design, but do remember to put the heat transfer vinyl shiny-side-down onto the light grip mat.

Weeding the pumpkin vinyl adhesive after it has gone through the circuit machine.

Step 3: Place the Vinyl On The Buckets

Weed each design and gently position them on the corresponding laundry pod bucket.

Gently position the heat transfer vinyl on the corresponding laundry pod bucket.

Step 4: Affix The Designs Onto The Buckets

Use the EasyPress Mini to affix the designs onto the front side (the flattest side) of each laundry bucket.

Use the EasyPress Mini to affix the designs onto the front side (the flattest side) of each laundry bucket.

Step 5: Peel the Transfer Sheet

Peel away the transfer sheet from the laundry bucket. This is a very satisfying step!

Finished DIY pumpkin from a Tide pod container.

Step 6: Add Electric Tea Lights

Place tealights into the laundry buckets and enjoy!

No Painting Required

The best thing about this DIY Halloween craft is that you don’t have to do any painting. The laundry pods are already the color you need. If you only use one of these kinds of detergent, then you can make 3 of the same kind of lantern.

If you don’t have a vinyl cutting machine, get one. There are so many fun crafts you can do with them. This one would have taken a lot longer with stencils and a paintbrush.

Step by step photo collage of how to make a Frankenstein lantern from laundry pod container.

Where To Place DIY Lanterns

Since these lanterns are so cute, you can place them in your kid’s rooms. They also dress up your porch and are a really excellent way to light up your driveway for trick or treaters. The tea lights make them really glow!

Stacked Halloween lanterns glowing with tealights place inside.

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