What To Write In A Graduation Card

Stop staring at a blank graduation card. This is what to write in a graduation card to make it the most thoughtful and meaningful gift they will get.

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In what feels like the blink of an eye, your nephew, daughter, son, or even your cousin will be walking across that stage to receive their well-deserved diploma.

Before all that, you are now sitting in front of the blank or prefilled graduation card, but you’re drawing a blank. While your graduate will be stoked to find the money or gift that comes with your card, they really do enjoy the heartfelt messages too.

If you have absolutely no idea what to write in a graduation card, I’m going to help give you some ideas.

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What To Write In A Graduation Card

After sending quite a few graduation cards, I discovered some tips that I want to pass along to you. If you include all of these things, your graduate will genuinely appreciate your card.

I broke down the perfect graduation card into easy-to-follow steps. I also shared some examples of how to word each section. The most important thing is to be genuine. Don’t just copy and paste my examples.

1. Start with a Congratulations

First, start your card off by congratulating your grad on their big accomplishment! If you need some ideas, here are a few ways to say congrats.

  • Congratulations on your big day!
  • Congratulations, I’m so proud of you!
  • Congratulations, you finally made it!

You can even get creative and say something like “yay you made it!” It doesn’t matter which words you choose, just start out the card with a proud exclamation.

2. Add in Some Words of Encouragement

Now that you have the basic congrats part out of the way, it’s time to offer some helpful words of encouragement to your grad. In this section, you will express how proud you are of them. You also want to tell them how excited you are about the future and what lies ahead for them.

Be optimistic and cheer them in here.

Here are some ideas if you need a little help.

  • You are about to start a new adventure, and I know that you will accomplish great things.
  • The road ahead of you will have many obstacles, but you can overcome anything that stands in your way.
  • We’re so excited to see where your next adventure leads you, and we are so proud of you.
  • Today is only the first day of many amazing moments to come, and we can’t wait to be there to celebrate them with you.

3. Share a Little Wisdom

A little helpful advice is always welcome to a new grad. Especially if they are about to step into a new world of adulthood. As you share your wisdom, keep this part personalized. If you know where they are going to school (or if they are going to the armed forces, or getting a job) share some wisdom about that too.

Whether they are heading into the workforce, on their own, or to a college, these are all great options.

  • School might be over, but never stop learning.
  • Think before you act, and don’t be quick to judge.
  • Try things outside of your comfort zone, and never stop learning and growing.

4. Add a Personalized Experience or Nostalgia

A way to add a personal touch to your card is to add something personal that only the two of you will understand or remember. Share a funny memory or include an inside joke that the two of you share.

Sometimes you are writing a card for a 3rd cousin that you have spent maybe 3 hours with total. In that case, you might not have any memories to share. If that’s where you’re stumped, I have some generic personal phrases you can use. While these are okay to use, if you can, try to make it something personal so that it has a special touch to it.

  • I remember the day you were little, and even then, you were always giving us a reason to be proud of you.
  • It seems like just yesterday you were starting elementary school, and it has been a joy to watch you grow over the years.
  • It’s so true that time flies by fast, but I’m glad we got to make so many wonderful memories together.

5. Close With Best Wishes

Finally, close the card with more encouragement and best wishes. Share some of your dreams for them and cheer them on as they embark on the next step. Some of the ways you can close a graduation card include:

  • You’ve got this! Best wishes!
  • Now go out there and change the world.
  • We are all cheering you on!

Writing A Graduation Card: Final Thoughts

Writing a graduation card doesn’t have to be something that takes all day to write! A simple, heartfelt message will do the trick, but it doesn’t hurt to get some ideas in a pinch. Hopefully, these ideas will help you craft the perfect card for your grad, so you can worry about something else.

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