20 Graduation Party Favors 2024

This list of Graduation Party Favors is perfect for your grad! When it comes to perfect Graduation Party Ideas, add these to your list.

Since there will be people coming from all over to celebrate your grad on their special day, having a great party favor or two to hand out is a must!

Any of these favors are fun to gift to those who are traveling to see the grad. Some are simple, while others are a little bit more unique. All are perfect for a graduation celebration!

A collage of small graduation party favors for guests at a grad party.

While it’s true that having a party doesn’t mean that you HAVE to have party favors, everyone knows that they’re fun to add.

These party favors ideas are perfect for helping your grad feel super special on their big day. After all their years of hard work at school, it’s fun to spoil them!

Graduation Favors

The fun thing about having party favors is that they go along with the theme. Since this theme is all about graduation, the party favors listed showcase that perfectly.

I love gifting favors because it’s a fun way to tell people “thank you” for making the trip and showing their support.

Plus, favors are a fun way to involve the graduate in making choices to hand them out!

Talk to the graduate about what favors they like, and then place the order. Having their opinion means that they’re part of the planning process and part of the planning fun.

Party favors can be big, small, or a mixture of both. Once you see the perfect party favor, you’ll know!

A collage of small graduation party favors for guests at a grad party.

I encourage you to start at the top of the list and work your way down. You may find multiple items that you love and have to have!

Where can I buy party favors?

Party favors can literally be purchased from anywhere! And that is because anything can be party favors.

You can choose candy, chapstick, lanyards, or even cute coasters as favors for a graduation party.

With those kinds of options, you can’t go wrong! Just when you think you have no ideas, a list like this comes along and proves otherwise.

Anything that you choose is sure to let everyone know how proud you are of your graduate! This list is full of full grad party favor ideas!

A collage of small graduation party favors for guests at a grad party.

Just make sure to order enough for all the guests that are coming – you don’t want to leave anyone out!

More Graduation Ideas

Party favors are only part of planning a graduation party, but there is more to it than that!

Here are a few other graduation ideas that you should put into your think tank.

Pair these ideas together to plan an epic party!

Here is the list of ideas that you’ve been waiting for. I can’t wait to hear what you think!

Graduation Party Favors

Leave guests with a little remembrance of your grad party celebration! It can be something edible, useful or even funny.

Make sure to comment and tell me what grad party favor you like the best!

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