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I hope your friends will say, “deal me in” when you invite them over for a Card Game Night or Casino Night. It is the perfect time of year to host an evening game night…even kids enjoy playing. Here is simple way to display your game night desserts that cab double as a centerpiece. You don’t need to stack the deck…maybe just the doughnuts! {wink}

Here's the deal cake plate Poker/casino night party ideas

Red or black ribbon
Deck of card {Dollar Tree has a two pack for a dollar}
Hot glue gun
Pedestal cake plate
Hole punch
poker card game cake plate

Cut the ribbon, plus an inch, to the circumference of the cake plate. Since my cake plate was square, I measured the sides, so that I placed my cards between the corners. This way there was just the ribbon going around the corners and the cards would all lay flat. Group the cards and hot glue them together, then hot glue them to the ribbon. Then use a few dabs of hot glue to glue the ribbon to the cake plate. Since it is ceramic it will peal right off. If your cake plate is made of something other than ceramic or glass, I would not recommend using the hot glue…it might not come off without damage.

Casino poker playing card cake plate party decoration

Casino poker playing card cake plate party decoration

Top off the dessert – glue a few cards together and use a hole punch to make a couple of holes…place them on the skewer!

Casino poker playing card cake plate party decoration

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Casino poker night card game party ideas

Casino poker night card game party ideas

So, what’s your favorite card game? We play a fun one called Pay the Man…similar to this one.

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