Summer Spotlight – Delineate Your Dwelling

Welcome to week three of the Summer Spotlight where we’re sharing great ideas for the home from a different blogger each week this summer! This week our featured blogger is Amy from Delineate Your Dwelling. Amy has created some amazing home DIY! I have pinned and featured her projects many times…her decorating style is truly inspirational!

Summer Spotlight – Delineate Your Dwelling

Summer Spotlight with Kenarry, View from the Fridge, Oh My! Creative and One Krieger Chick

The Summer Spotlight is a collaborative effort to showcase great ideas from a different talented blogger each Friday throughout the summer months. Follow my co-hosts and I online to see the great ideas we share year-round:

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Hello! Katie here from View From The Fridge, and today I’m so thrilled to be able to highlight one of my favorite bloggers, Amy from Delineate Your Dwelling. As I was browsing Amy’s blog, putting together pictures and posts for this feature, I realized that I had pinned SO MANY of her projects before I had even entered the blogging world (and definitely before I knew of Amy and her blog). Her creativity AMAZES me on a weekly basis. Seriously … talk about talent!! Each week (pretty much day after day), Amy comes up with the most original and stunning projects! But my favorite thing about her work? The simplicity. With the subdued colors, the quotes or versus she chooses, the everyday materials she incorporates … she’s hands down one of my faves. And with two little ones around, well, I’m just not sure how she does it!

A little background and info about Amy …



Amy is originally from the Midwest … Carmel, Indiana (just outside of Indianapolis) to be exact, but currently resides in the sunny state of New Mexico. She’s a Landscape Architect by training and prior profession, and is now a full time {and very creative} mama to two little ones.

Amy just recently celebrated her one year anniversary of blogging, and I was curious to find out what her favorite part of the whole blogging experience has been so far. Here are her thoughts:

I would say the best part of blogging for me has been two fold …

First of all, it’s awoken a creative side of me that I didn’t know existed. I’ve always been creative, I’ve always crafted, I went to school and worked as a landscape architect for 8 years prior to having my two kiddos… but blogging and being able to create exactly in my style and when I like, has really been such a joy. I adore being able to share even just a tiny bit of my enthusiasm with others through my blog.

Secondly, I love the blogging community. I have a close knit group of bloggers that I can go to with problems from where did you get ‘x’ craft supply to how in the world does Google + work? I also just returned from Alt Summit, a big blogging conference, and was happily surprised how bloggers big and small were so warm and happy to chat and share tips. People are people and sometimes it’s hard to remember when you sooo admire their work.

Now … speaking of bloggers she admires, I just had to know who a couple of her blogging ‘idols’ were. She mentioned Emily of Jones Company Design because of the look of her blog and all the graphics Emily creates (especially the hand drawn graphics). She also mentioned a newer favorite of hers with a style very similar to her own, Jeran at Oleander + Palm.

In her spare time (!!), Amy taught herself Illustrator, and started her own etsy shop, Delineate Paper. Check out some of her fabulous prints:


Side note: I own that ‘Clap Your Hands’ print. I. LOVE. IT. I have it nicely framed and ready to display in my made-over office (if I ever finish!!).

I really don’t know where to begin with all of Amy’s fabulous work, but how about with a quick glimpse of her gorgeous home …


Click here to check out the details of the Front of Her Home, Fabulous {and very budget friendly} Kitchen makeover, Entryway, and Living Room.

So … now that I have you drooling over Amy’s home, let’s check out her fabulous craftiness …

Planted Ampersand from Delineate Your Dwelling
Planted Ampersand

This is my all time favorite of Amy’s! How absolute STUNNING is this ?!?! I love moss. I have {unsuccessfully} tried some of my own moss related projects, but this project of Amy’s … turned out just awesome! I just may be tempted to give moss another try!

Moving on to more natural ingredients …

Tree Stump Chalkboard from Delineate Your Dwelling
Tree Stump Chalkboard

Another original project from Amy … A Tree Stump Chalkboard. I walk by these wood slices on a weekly basis at Michael’s thinking … I should make something with these. And then … I leave without one because I can’t actually come up with a idea for it. Amy, though, apparently does not share that particular problem with me! This is simple, stunning, and just plain beautiful! Wood, gold, & mint chalkboard paint … you can’t go wrong!

That Tree Stump Chalkboard is one of several projects Amy has completed as part of her Guest Room and Office Space update. And … while we’re on the topic of that space, I just have to share two other great projects she recently completed for her Guest Room/ Office:

How to Paint A Chest:

How To Paint A Chest
How To Paint A Chest

And How To Update An Old Fan

How To Update An Old Fan
How To Update An Old Fan

I’m pretty sure I would be 100 times more creative if I worked in an office with all these creative details everyday! I can’t wait to see the finished space!

Ya’ll know I love a good knock off! Well … Amy knocked it out of the park with this West Elm Inspired Tote Bag. Let’s admire …

West Elm Inspired Shoulder Bag  | Delineate Your Dwelling
West Elm Inspired Shoulder Bag

Pretty adorable, amiright?!?! Simple, easy, minimal sewing … perfect! Please send one my way!

You know how I said I pinned several of Amy’s project before I even started my blog (and entered this crazy blog world)?? Well, here’s one that sticks in my mind: Amy’s Message Center.

DIY Message Center  |  Delineate Your Dwelling
DIY Message Center

Amy added some really cute, unique touches to the basic store-bought command center! And again … the gold and mint combo is one of my favorites right now!

Amy’s two little kids are lucky to have such a creative mama!! I just had to share this Valentine’s Day Party she threw for some little ones.

Valentine’s Day Party For Kids
Valentine's Day Party for Kids!
Valentine’s Day Party for Kids!

And finally, I’d like to leave you with one of Amy’s feel good projects …Today, Be Happy Banner:

Today, Be Happy!
Today, Be Happy!

Again … the simplicity of this little banner makes it so sweet and stunning! And it makes me happy! I want one to dangle in front of my face in those moments that are, well … trying? character building? (these seem to happen more frequently these days with three little ones around now).

TODAY, BE HAPPY ahhh … I feel better already!

Thanks so much to Amy for sharing a bit about herself, her blog, her projects, and for opening up her home to us today! I think you’ll agree that she’s worth keeping up with! If you’re not already, you can follow her here:

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