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Welcome to the Summer Spotlight where we’re sharing great ideas for the home from a new blogger each week this summer! This week our featured blogger is Kristi from Making It In The Mountains. You will see so many creative projects by Kristi below, but look how great these bamboo chargers are! They are simple to make and would transform any table setting!



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Hi there! It’s Katie from View From The Fridge, and today I’m so thrilled to be able to share a little bit about Kristi from Making it in the Mountains! I found Kristi’s blog earlier this year when it seemed like everything that caught my eye at link parties was her work! I was amazed at her creativity, her handy skills (with a little help from her hubby), and her awesome style! THEN … I found out that she lived in the mountains and her home had gorgeous views all around! Kristi and her home and her projects became my new blog crush, and I’m so excited to share a little of that with you today!


So … a little about Kristi:

Her and her hubby currently live in Southern Brittish Columbia … IN THE MOUNTAINS!! Let’s peak at her gorgeous home for a minute:


Isn’t that the most adorable little mountain home (you can see more of her home tour here)?!? She lives there with her hubby and little boy, Carson. That may look like a lot of snow to you in that picture above, but Kristi says that the snow is one of the best parts of living in the mountains. She mentioned that when it snows …. EVERYONE is excited! There’s no grumbling. There’s no complaining. There’s just excitement to take advantage of the powder! Another great thing about where they live now? Kristi says the ‘warm’ weather. Her and her hubby are both from Northern Alberta, so she has grown up enduring LONG, COLD winters. At there current spot, they happily get to enjoy all FOUR seasons.

Now, speaking of seasons … I just had to know if she enjoyed the hiking and mountain biking in the Summer OR the Skiing and Snowshoeing in the Winter better. She choose the Summer time, but obviously enjoys their home, and all the activities just outside their door, all year long!

Check it out (don’t they look fun?!?):


Kristi’s home is, in her words, “brand spankin’ new, but waay too polished for their rustic mountain tastes”. When I asked about her plans for her home, she mentioned that they’re planning on taking it one room at a time and adding the fun stuff … paint, decor, lighting, etc.

Let’s check out one area that Kristi has done an absolutely wonderful job with, her Gorgeous Patio Space:


The view is enough to make the space, but Kristi really went all out with her patio space! From the beautiful color scheme to all the fantastic DIY projects, this space is just perfect and one-of-a-kind!

Now … speaking of those DIY projects on her patio, check out this awesome Ladder Shelf that Kristi made for the space:


This shelf is officially on my to-make list! And that color is just beautiful!

And … more craftiness on the patio, Kristi customized these Bamboo Chargers to add a little more color, interest, and fun to the patio table:


Now … before we leave Kristi’s patio, I just have to mention that ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC Pottery Barn Knock Off Table! Do you know how many times I’ve stopped by to check out this project … you know, just to contemplate if I could tackle one myself. It’s stunning. Period.


Pottery Barn’s version costs $2700. Kristi and her hubby made this for $150!!! AMAZING.

Okay … I have to keep moving, as I could stare at this table all day. Let’s check out some fabulous projects on the inside of their cute home.

How about these Paint Dipped End Tables:


Once again … these were built from scratch and painted with a homemade Chalk Paint recipe! I love how original they look. I love the rustic vibe of the wood with the modern touch of the paint dipped look! I love how they look in Kristi’s living room! And … they do look like something I could tackle for our home!

Moving on to another room, I just love this simple DIY Lamp Makeover that Kristi did for the bedroom:


I love that she took these lamps that were a hand-me-down from her Grandma, and gave them her own touch to make them work in her space. With some white paint and new shades, these lamps look clean, fresh, and modern in her space while always reminding her of her Grandma!

Speaking of makeovers … check out this Kitchen Table Makeover.


It’s amazing what sanding (a lot of sanding, in this case), stain, and some clean white chalk paint can do!

Are you tired just reading about all these projects that Kristi has completed this past year? Well … I had to know how she does it all with a little one around (and all the fun activities beckoning outside their door). Kristi said that the morning is ‘her’ time. She gets up early (think 5 am!!!), pours herself a cup of coffee (and stares at the beautiful view), and has a couple hours to herself to work on the blog, projects, emails, social media, etc. Along with nap time (the sacred NAP TIME), this schedule gives her most evenings free to hang out with her two favorite guys.

And, just in time for back-to-school, I’ll leave you with one last project of Kristi’s, this simple but beautiful DIY Calendar Board:


Perfect for hanging daily reminders, papers, notes, or pictures!

Now … you’ll want to be sure to see more of Kristi, her DIY projects, and her home. You can follow her here:

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