20 Champagne Cocktails to Celebrate New Year’s

Grab a bottle of bubbly and make one – or all – of these champagne cocktails for your New Year’s Eve party! They go perfectly with all the other New Year’s Eve Ideas you can think of.

The drinks and food are the best things about New Year’s Eve parties, aren’t they? I’m about to save you a bunch of time because I found the 20 best cocktails to serve at your party.

It’s amazing how big of a difference the right drinks can make. When everyone’s enjoying pretty and tasty drinks, the atmosphere is more fun and happier.

A collage of Champagne cocktails for New Year's Eve parties.

So, get ready to host the best party of the year! These bubbly drinks are incredibly different from each other.

But, they all have one thing in common – the champagne! You just can’t toast to a new year without Champagne!

Cocktails Without Alcohol

Can you make a champagne cocktail without alcohol? Yes, you sure can!

Since not everyone drinks alcohol (and kids might want their own drinks) I included some non-alcoholic recipes in the list too.

Browse this list of champagne cocktails and pick out the ones that sound the best for your party and lifestyle.

There’s something for everyone in this list.

And if you click through to each recipe, you’ll see all the ingredients and the kitchen tools that you’ll need before you make them.

Pin image of pouring bubbly champagne into a glass.

I made it as easy as possible for you! All you have to do is browse the list and pick out your favorite drinks.

There is even a recipe for an alcohol-free champagne that you can make at home!

The Best Garnishes For Champagne Cocktails

What bartending supplies or garnishes do you need when you make New Year’s cocktails?

This depends on which cocktail you’ll be making. Generally speaking, these are the most common things you’ll use as as garnish for sparkling cocktails:

  • Cherries
  • Funky Straws
  • Blackberries
  • Fresh Mint
  • Edible Confetti
  • Raspberries
  • Cotton Candy

Fresh fruit is one of the most common things to add to a champagne cocktail. Just match the colors or the flavors with what’s in the drink that you are making.

A collage of Champagne cocktails made of pink champagne and traditional champagne for New Year's Eve parties.

But you can get creative and match the color of the cocktail with your favorite garnish.

More Holiday Cocktails

Even though this list is for your New Year’s Eve gathering, don’t forget the other times of the year when drinks are a good addition.

You can literally have fun drinks or jello shots on hand to share all the time.

Are you ready for the list of the best champagne cocktails? Here you go! Click the “read more” button to get the recipe for your favorite drinks.

Champagne Drink Ideas to Celebrate New Years

Ring in the New Year with some bubbly flair by exploring creative New Year's Eve drink ideas. From classic Champagne cocktails to unique sparkling concoctions, there's a world of fizzy fun waiting to elevate your celebration.

I hope you enjoyed this list of the best champagne cocktails for New Year’s Eve. If you did, don’t forget to pin this post to Pinterest. That way you can find it later!

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