Printable Weight Loss Chart And Journal For Weight Loss Success

Weight loss – the struggle is real for all of us. I struggle just like everyone else…even more so because I am only five feet tall. The pounds stick to me like glue…haha!

I have been working hard to reduce a few pounds and created this Weight Loss Chart and Journal to keep track of everything. There are four weight loss charts and journal pages plus a cover sheet. Print a set out for each week you want to chart and keep track of your success!

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Five Page Weight Loss Chart and journey free printables

5 Page Weight Loss Chart Journal Free Printable

  1. The first page is your weight loss chart journal cover sheet. Place it in the front of a binder to keep your journal charts organized.
  2. The second page is a Weekly Reflection sheet. On this sheet, you will be able to write down how your feeling, your victories, and your successes! Sleep is so important for successful weight loss and health – keep track of that as well as weekly reminders and things to work on for next week.
  3. On the third weight loss chart keep track of all your body measurements and your weekly weigh-in.
  4. Chart four is for goal setting. Start with your long-term goals and set short-term goals that will help you reach those long-term goals in the future.
  5. The fifth weight loss chart is for meal tracking. Write down what you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner plus snacks each day.

Weight loss to be long-term effective has to really be a lifestyle change, not a diet. A change in the way you eat and what you eat. A reduction of sugar and bad carbohydrates. Yes, they are what puts on those extra pounds. More veggies and protein to keep us full. Portion size is important too!

I wish you luck on your healthy lifestyle change…you can do it! I’m on this journey too!

Enjoy and print the weight loss chart and journal pages as much as you want.

Five Page Weight Loss Chart and journey free printables

Download this PRINT WEIGHT LOSS CHART & JOURNAL by filling out this form and it will be delivered right to your inbox!

Visit my list of Weight Watcher tips and recipes here!

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    1. Hi Linda,
      I think that is up to you. You can print out these pages as many times as you want but it’s up to you to take the time to fill them out. I do think that keeping accountability as to what you eat and how much exercise, walking etc. holds you accountable and you stay on track of your goals. Sometimes we don’t realize how much we eat in a day or what we eat. If you write everything down each day you will have a clear picture of what you need to do to find the success you are looking for. Print them out and give it a try!

  1. Wow! I need this. Thank you so much!
    And lets all be on track as a quote saying
    Remember why you started
    Thank you love ?

  2. Hi Susan, thank you for sharing this templates with us. Can you advise how to download them? Thank you. 🙂

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