Fun Nature Scavenger Hunt Printables For Kids

Summer is filled with lazy days and it can be hard to come up with ideas to keep kids busy. I love the idea of kids learning as they stay active. Here are three fun nature scavenger hunt printables for the kids!

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I love this nature scavenger hunt because you don’t have to go far.

Take the kids to a local park or explore your own yard this engaging nature scavenger hunt for kids! They will have a lot of fun observing plants, insects and wildlife and enjoy seeing and learning new things. They can experience the way things feel, their bright colors or sounds they here.

Plus they will get lots of fresh air while they are out of the house this time of year.

nature scavenger hunt printable pdf



This is a great summer scavenger hunt. Head to a local garden or explore your own garden with this engaging garden scavenger hunt for kids! They will have a lot of fun observing what types of vegetables or plants grow in gardens. Also what kinds of insects can be found in there and what part they play in helping the plants grow.

The kids can touch, smell and count as they cross items off the printable garden checklist!

garden scavenger hunt pdf printable



What is summer (or any time of the year) without a trip to the zoo? Always a great way to spend a day with the kids.

Don’t leave for the zoo without this free Zoo Scavenger Hunt Printable! The kids will have a lot of fun observing the animals and engaging in all the zoo activities. There is so much to learn about animals and how they live in their habitat, the sounds they make…and yes the smell. {wink}

When the kids get home from the zoo, they will have their zoo checklist to remind them of their day and to talk about things they have learned for days afterward. A great way to interest them in books about animals too!

zoo scavenger hunt printable


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  3. Assuming you’re trapped in the house with kids, attempt an exemplary expedition or scrounger chase that is fun and gets them rolling. Make a hint to observe an area or thing, then, at that point, have another sign holding up at that spot. That tip prompts the following spot, etc. Place a fortune, like a toy or treat, at the last objective.

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