Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt Free Printable

This free printable neighborhood scavenger hunt can turn a walk into a fun outdoor exploration game. The kids will be excited to explore the outdoors and the surroundings around their neighborhood!

Many of these items in this neighborhood scavenger hunt can be found right around the home without leaving the yard. However, it does feel great to get out and take a walk to get your kids outside, exploring and observing their surroundings.

Multi colored background with an image or the neighborhood scavenger hunt free printable page.


I love this neighborhood scavenger hunt because you don’t have to go far.

Take the kids for a walk or explore your own yard with this engaging scavenger hunt for kids! They will have a lot of fun observing what things can always be found in a neighborhood like fire hydrants, fences and trash cans and enjoy seeing and learning new things. They can experience the way things feel, their bright colors or sounds they hear.

Plus they will get lots of fresh air while they are out of the house this time of year.

How To Make A Scavenger Hunt Fun

Depending on the age of the children, consider adding a little more fun to the scavenger hunt.

  1. Once your child finds one of the items on the scavenger hunt printable, take a picture with your child and the item they spotted. Then later when you get home together you can review and talk about the adventure.
  2. If you like the photo idea try mixing it up by taking a video of your child with the object with them telling you something interesting about the object – the color, shape or texture. Again, review the videos on a later day and talk about the experience.
  3. Another option is after your child finds one of the items on the sheet is to work with them on how to spell the item. With the words printed on the free printable sheet, they can look at the letter and together you can spell the item.
  4. Make up a silly song to go with each item on the list.

Have fun with it and enjoy the NEIGHBORHOOD SCAVENGER HUNT!


Multi colored background with an image or the neighborhood scavenger hunt free printable page.


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