Easy Kids Dental Care Tips and Free Printable

If you have kids, then you know the daily struggle that is getting them to brush their teeth. Kids Dental Care is so hard to manage! Children of all ages push against being in a regular routine with tooth care.  That’s why we came up with some tips that are sure to make it easier for you to keep your kid’s teeth clean and healthy!

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Easy Kids Dental Care Tips

Not only is just getting them in the bathroom morning and night to practice self-care difficult, but it’s even more difficult to make sure they’re doing a good enough job to keep up with their hygiene. Well, great news! After years of Mom-Struggle, I’ve come up with a solution for my fellow mom superheroes out there.

  1. Play a fun song that helps the time pass easily for your kids
  2. Let them pick out their own unique toothbrush
  3. Use electric toothbrushes or water pics for better cleaning on a daily basis
  4. Try different toothpaste to find a type and flavor they prefer
  5. Brush your teeth alongside them
  6. Offer rewards if they brush without a reminder (check out our printable below for tracking)
  7. Get them a fun kitchen timer to use for timing their brushing
  8. Take them to a pediatric dentist early so they don’t have fears
  9. Buy kids flossers so it is easier for them to floss daily
  10. Keep a kid’s dental care kit in your bag for brushing or flossing on the go so they stick to their routine

Kids Dental Care Free Printable

This Printable Tooth Care Chart is a huge motivator to get those kids into the bathroom and brushing in no time. Even better? It makes sure they floss, too. That’ll save you some expensive trips to the dentist, for sure!

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Keeping your kid’s teeth healthy is all about consistency.  Actively brushing and flossing from an early age will go a long way toward preventing tooth decay and disease down the road.  Using this chart to keep track of their daily brushing routine will help tremendously. Taking care of your kid’s dental care has never been easier!

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  1. I’m so glad you wrote this article about kids dental care, it will be a huge help to my daughter! She loves getting the printable and it has been a lifesaver with getting her to brush her teeth. I’m also so glad that you have a free printable. This will be really helpful for other parents in my family.

  2. I loved your post on easy kids dental care tips. I think it’s so important to practice self-care and it’s wonderful that you made this printable for kids. I’m also a big fan of getting your kids into the bathroom every morning and night to brush their teeth. It’s a great way to start their day and set the tone for a healthy lifestyle.

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