17 Fabulous Outdoor Fountains For Your Yard

Decorate your yard with a beautiful and functional fountain. Outdoor fountains increase the value of your home and add an attractive point of interest to the landscaping.

Outdoor patio pond with water fountain

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17 Fabulous Outdoor Fountains For Your Yard

The sound of a bubbling fountain can be incredibly relaxing. It can also set the mood during outdoor parties and cookouts.

It’s incredible how something as simple as an outdoor fountain can radically change the look of your entire yard. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on landscaping, just add a fountain and some flowers.

These are the most beautiful fountains for your backyard. Browse them and find one that will make your yard look even more amazing.

1. Cascading Outdoor Fountains

Water Pump Cascading Fountain
This fountain stands at 32 inches and creates a relaxing atmosphere. Water pours from a vintage style pump to fill the aged buckets with gently cascading water. It makes for a lovely sight and sound in any garden.

2. Elegant 3-Tier Fountain

3 Tier Garden Fountain
This 45-inch fountain has a nice aged appearance and would look at home in the most elegant garden. It is made of fiberglass and requires no plumbing at all, as the water recirculates.

3. Tuscan Garden

Tuscan Garden Fountain
This fountain stands 54 inches high and looks like it came straight from a Tuscan garden. It will add a lot of elegance and charm to your garden, no matter where you live.

4. Outdoor Fountains with LED Lights

Stacked Stone Tiered Bowls with LED Light
These stacked stone bowls offer a modern look to your garden. I love the added bonus of an LED light to add even more charm after the sunsets.

5. Rustic Jugs

Rustic Jugs Fountain
Three rustic jugs make the perfect vessel for cascading water. This low maintenance fountain would look fantastic in a country garden!

6. Spherical Fountain

Modern Sphere Fountain 
With a curve and sphere, this modern fountain is elegant, artsy and ideal for adding a special touch to your outdoor oasis.

7. Faux Marble

Faux Marble Bowl and Pillar Fountain
This fountain has a very classy appearance with a faux marble look. This fountain features LED lighting to add another wow factor once the sun goes down.

8. Rippled Slate

Rippled Slate Fountain
This fountain is visually stunning with a spotlight and copper accents. It will add a sophisticated feel to your garden along with the peaceful sounds of falling water.

9. Wishing Well

Wishing Well Fountain
This cute fountain adds a touch of charm with its wishing well design. At under $100 it is perfect for small gardens or as an accent to the beauty of your outdoor space.

10. Curved Cascading Fountain

Curved Cascading Fountain
With a super quiet pump, this curved beauty is nothing short of garden art. No one would ever believe it retails for under $150!

11. Zen Fountain with 2 Tiers

Two-Tiered Zen Fountain and Bird Bath
This fountain brings a lot of zen to any outdoor space. It is peaceful and will attract birds for even more natural beauty in your garden.

12. Peeing Boy Statue

Peeing Boy Fountain Statue
These fountains are classics, with an antique finish, no one would ever suspect this fountain didn’t come from a historic estate.

13. Cherub Fountain

Cherub Fountain
With an LED light, this timeless cherub style fountain adds a sweet touch to your garden. Low maintenance and under $100 make this a great choice for any garden.

14. Rustic Watering Can

Farmhouse Watering Can Fountain
This watering can style fountain is chic and stylish. With a metal tub and multiple watering cans, this fountain looks great in any farmhouse garden!

15. Virginia Rock Fountain

Virginia Rock Fountain
With lovely rocks and cascading pools, this elegant fountain adds an element of relaxation to any garden area!

16. Rustic Water Barrel

Rustic Water Barrel Fountain
This fountain features 2 barrels for soothing water to cascade into. With a rustic look, this would be an ideal fountain for a farmhouse or a cabin, but would look charming in any garden!

17. Imperial Lion Fountain

Imperial Lion Fountain
This fountain is regal and charming and adds a touch of classic sophistication to any outdoor living area. Standing tall and proud as any lion should, this fountain will capture the attention of anyone to views it.

More Home Decor Ideas

If you enjoyed these outdoor fountains, here are even more home decor ideas. Decorate your home and make it creatively your own.

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  1. I want a fountain in my backyard but I don’t want it to cost too much money. The curved cascading fountain for under $150 sounds like a great deal. It’s quite too so I might get that one.

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