Easy Painted Burlap Sign

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Hello it’s Mindi again from MyLove2Create, today I am sharing an Easy Painted Burlap Sign.
So…I have been staring at a blank wall in my kitchen for quite a while.  It needed something.  I have always loved the EAT signs you see all over the internet…but I decided to go with a different word, one that is equally important in a kitchen…
MyLove2Create, Easy Painted Burlap Sign

My kids think I am weird, but for some reason they can’t stop saying “food” when they walk into the kitchen.  Hmmm, I wonder why?

Routed pine board

It all started with this pine board, which I got for $1 at the Restore a couple years back.  It only had three sides routed when I bought it because it was a shelf board.  It so happened one day that a friend of mine was routing some boards and she offered to do all four sides for me, of course I said yes!

staining pine board

Since the board was the perfect size for this project, I pulled it out of storage and dusted it off.  After some wood conditioner and stain it was looking “down right perdy” (imagine an awesome western accent).

how to cut a straight line on burlap

I was going to just stencil the word right on the board, until I remembered some scrap burlap my friend had given me.  I cut it into for pieces and frayed the edges.  If you don’t know the trick to cutting a straight line on burlap just follow the photo above, trust me, this is necessary!

How to paint on burlap

I cut my letters on contact paper using my Cricut.  If you don’t own a cutting machine no worries!  You can use the good old fashioned pencil transfer method right onto the contact paper and then cut it out with scissors, and you you have your own stencil!  Easy!

After placing my stencil onto each piece of burlap, I pounced on some white paint with a cheap foam brush, and peeled off the stencil while the paint was still wet.  It would be a good idea to put something like wax paper under your burlap while you paint…otherwise it will stick to the surface of whatever it under it.

nailing burlap to wood with carpet tacks

After waiting for the paint to dry, or busting out the hair dryer, if you are impatient like me, I grabbed some carpet tacks and simply nailed the burlap right onto the wood.

MyLove2Create, Easy Painted Burlap Sign

Super easy and fun!

MyLove2Create, Easy Painted Burlap Sign

Now I don’t have to stare at an empty wall anymore…and trust me it looks way better in person, sorry for this photo, I was running out of daylight…

MyLove2Create, Easy Painted Burlap Sign

I love the blue burlap and the wood tones, I am such a sucker for pretty wood!

MyLove2Create, Easy Painted Burlap Sign

The possibilities are pretty much endless for painting burlap.  How fun would it be to make a kids name, or letters and numbers for a play room, or even a fun design…  Have you ever painted burlap?

If you liked this I would love to have you check out my blog for more great Projects!



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  1. I love this! I’ve been looking for a way to use a ton of Burlap I got at a yard sale for $2. I wanted something that wasn’t country cottage looking. This is perfect!

  2. I love the look of this and I also love how your clear pictures with detailed instructions

  3. Painting burlap can be really fun! Cute project. I wish I had a blank wall in my kitchen. Kitchen art is my favorite.

  4. I love how effective this is – and it looks like you bought it from an expensive store! I’m going to pin this to my homemade Christmas gifts board.

  5. Love it, pinned it!

  6. Love this, and thanks for the tip on cutting burlap. I had always had a difficult time with that!!

  7. Stopping by from Whimsy Wednesday. Great idea! I love this for a party, to showcase the food table. Thanks for sharing :)

  8. I am thinking about making one with a different writing!

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