How To Schedule Shares On Facebook

One of the best was to increase traffic to your business or blog fan facebook page is to share great content. Not only will your current followers be more likely to like or comment, but hopefully they will share attracting new potential followers to your page.

How To Schedule Shares On Facebook – Business Page Tips

Currently, if you see a great post and you click to share that post, it gets shared immediately with no option to schedule. It’s not a great idea to dump several shares to your followers at once, but to nicely space them out throughout the day. This keeps your page in the news feeds and hopefully supplies them with relevant content that may interest them. That’s why they follow you – right?! This is so easy and is a great way to save time engaging with followers!

How To Schedule Shares On Facebook - Time saving business page tip | OHMY-CREATIVE.COM


First, click on the post {photo} you want to share. At the top you will see the post URL. Copy it.

How To Schedule Shares On Facebook - Time saving buisness page tip |  OHMY-CREATIVE.COM


Go back to your buisness or blog facebook page and enter the link in your Status. A preview of the post will appear including the photo.

How To Schedule Shares On Facebook - Time saving buisness page tip | OHMY-CREATIVE.COM


Delete the link you entered and replace it with the text you want to promote with the post.

How To Schedule Shares On Facebook - Time saving buisness page tip | OHMY-CREATIVE.COM


At the bottom of the preview you will have the opportunity to enter the day and time to share the post. Once you have the day and time selected click the Schedule button on the bottom right side of the preview. You will be notified when the share is posted.

Once the post goes live any links or content from the original source will be visible. At this time it does not show up in the preview mode.

How To Schedule Shares On Facebook - Time saving buisness page tip | OHMY-CREATIVE.COM

It’s that easy…and saves so much time!

I hope this was a helpful timesaving tip and increases engagement with followers! Come follow Oh My! Creative on Facebook!


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Hope your day is creative!

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  1. I never knew you could do this! Thanks so much for the how-to.

  2. OH! That makes so much sense! I was trying to figure this out the other day. Thanks, Susan!

  3. I’m bummed. “Schedule Post” doesn’t show up for me. :(

  4. Thanks for this. I also want to stagger when things post on FB and Pinterest and Google+ in case people are following me multiple ways. They don’t need to see it 3 times in 5 minutes.

  5. Great information! I am learning so much! Thank you!

  6. This is great news! I just scheduled my first post – the link to this blog post! Thanks so much for sharing. :)

  7. Thank you for sharing this, I’m super excited to try this tomorrow and schedule my first share on FB. :)

  8. I need to remember to do that more often. Thanks for the reminder tip.

    Shannon ~

  9. Great tip! Found you at Hit Me With Your Best Shot. :)

  10. Thank you for the tip. It really annoyed me they don’t give you an option to schedule shared posts built in!

  11. Thanks for this awesome tutorial Susan!!

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