How To Detangle Hair With a Hairbrush That Doesn’t Hurt

How do you detangle hair? Use a hairbrush that doesn’t hurt and follow these super easy techniques. No pain, and silky hair.

How To Detangle Hair? Do you have this problem…or your kids?! My entire life I have had knotted tangled hair that hurts when it is brushed especially when it is wet. I usually lose a lot of hair when brushing my hair (UGH – no one wants that) trying to get all the knots and tangles out.

Until recently I would cringe when my hairdresser would brush out my hair and actually began brushing my hair before arriving at the salon so it wouldn’t hurt as much.

Girl trying to detangle wet hair with a hairbrush.

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How To Detangle Hair Without Pain

No wonder kids hate to have their hair brushed! I was always one of those girls with the big matted mess under my top layer of brushed hair…ha ha! I hated it when my mother tried to brush out the tangled mess!

The Best Hairbrush That Doesn’t Hurt

So, recently I went for my usual haircut at the salon, had my hair shampooed and then brushed. The brush glided through my hair easily removing all the tangles without a tug or gripping hair pull! Once I sat up I was like “WHAT KIND OF HAIR BRUSH IS THAT?” Yes, I said it in all caps! It was the first brush that didn’t hurt!

My stylist revealed it was a Wet Brush! It glides through wet hair like no other brush. It comes in many colors – pick your color!

This is the first hairbrush that doesn’t hurt my head when I brush it. It’s soft and it is still effective. I don’t have any more tangles.

I bought a wet brush on my way out the door and LOVE it…so much I went back and bought my daughter one – she also has thick hair and loves hers too.

Now I can’t promise there won’t be any tears when used on little ones, but it is a great brush for detangling wet hair. You can always apply a spray detangler if need be.

No need to ask how to detangle hair any longer! I couldn’t help but share my find with you!

The Best Brush to Detangle Wet Hair - a hairbrush that doesn't hurt

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Seriously, you shouldn’t use any other hairbrush, this thing is like magic.

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  1. I have long thick hair that gets tangled easily. I usually try to keep it short or in a pony tail. I always have to get these kinds of brushes though. Thanks for joining the Family Joy Link Party! 🙂

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