St. Patrick’s Day Drinks

You’re going to love this fun Over The Rainbow St. Patrick’s Day Drink Idea! Well, it’s not really about the drink, but the presentation of the drink! It doesn’t matter if you are having an adult St. Patrick’s Day party or something for the kids…this idea can be used for any kind of drink!

Parchment Paper or Wax Paper
Kayro Syrup
Individual Sprinkles In Rainbow Colors
Green Candy Melts (not pictured)

First, trace the top of the glass onto the parchment paper. Carefully make small piles using the colored sugars, in the order of the rainbow, around the penciled circle. Pour a small amount of the Karo Syrup in the bottom of a shallow plate. Make sure the glass can lay flat across the plate so that the syrup rims the glass evenly.

Dip glass into the sugar, giving it a little wiggle. I also used my finger to push the sugar up the side of the glass to help it stick into place. Wow – a rainbow rimmed glass!

To give my drink the “Luck of the Irish” look, I made these small Chocolate Candy Shamrocks! These look harder to make than they are. I melted the candy melts in the microwave then scooped the chocolate into a plastic squeeze bottle. For more on this technique, see this previous post. I actually drew a clover on the parchment paper for my first one, but realized they turned out better if I just free styled them. Think, four small hearts, that come together as you make them…add a little split stem at the end. They start to harden up on their own, but I did pop them in the freezer for about five minutes to firm them up. I added a little bit of the soft chocolate in the crook of the stem to “glue” them to the rim!