20 Graduation Memory Board Ideas

Honor the graduate in your life with these creative and easy Graduation Memory Board Ideas highlighting their best times. This is one of the most meaningful Graduation Party Ideas you’ll do.

Have you ever seen a display table with photos, blurbs, and memories at graduation parties? This is a low-tech and super-creative way to celebrate the life of your graduate.

If you’re running short on creative ideas, then you found the right place! This list gives you memory boards that you can copy, or use as inspiration.

Pin collage of graduation memory board ideas - great photo boards for high school grad parties.

These memory boards are the perfect things to add to a graduation memory table. But since it’s just the boards, you can display them at multiple parties or carry them from the ceremony to the reception.

You can make the memory boards as detailed or as simple as you want. This list has examples that span the spectrum from large memory boards to small photo-frame-sized ones.

Click through to the ones that stand out the most to you.

What To Add To Memory Boards

What do you add to a graduation memory board? That depends on how big it is and where you’re displaying it.

If you’re using it at a party or reception, you can go as detailed or as brief as space allows. If you have a lot of space, then use it!

Here are some things you can add to your memory boards.

  • Photos – Include as many as you can. These are the stars of the board and the best pictures can tell a story without words.
  • Stories – If you have room, share a few memories. Handwritten notes mean more, but you can type them if your handwriting is tough to read.
  • Ticket Stubs – Share stubs from concerts, musicals, or events they performed in.
  • School Mascots – Photos or stickers of either the mascots of where they graduated from or of the schools they are going to are perfect.
  • Favorite Movies or Music – Include some of their favorite celebrities for a bit of fun.
  • Stickers – These are easy ways to fill up the empty space. Add stickers from their favorite brands, coffee shops, countries they love, or their favorite colors.

When it comes to graduation memory board ideas the best thing you can do is make it as personalized as possible.

It doesn’t have to be handmade like a scrapbook. You can design it on the computer and print it out, too.

Pin collage of graduation memory board ideas - great photo boards for high school grad parties.

In fact, there are a bunch of different ways to display your memory board.

Let’s look at some of the easiest ways to display your memory board.

Display Ideas

What are some creative ways to display a graduation memory board?

That’s exactly what this article is for! Scroll down and you’ll see some really easy and creative ideas you can steal.

Are you into graphic design? Then make a poster on your computer and send it to a print shop. Then, you can paste the poster onto a foam board and display it.

Are you on a budget or running short on time? Then grab a couple of cork bulletin boards and print out the words “Memories” on them. Now all you have to do is tack up a bunch of pictures.

And if you love scrapbooking or paper crafting, then use those creative skills. Create a memory board with scrapbook paper, paper picture frames, and scrapbook stickers.

Pin collage of graduation memory board ideas - great photo boards for high school grad parties.

There are even more ideas than this down on the list. Scroll down and click through to your favorite ideas.

More Graduation Party Ideas

The memory boards are a very important part of the party, but there are also a bunch of other things to remember, too. Here are some more helpful ideas for your party.

There you go! It’s basically everything you need when you’re planning a graduation party.

Are you ready for the list of memory board ideas? Here you go! Check them out and use your favorite ones.

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Graduation Memory Board Ideas

Need a creative way to reminisce about the good times? Consider making a memory board filled with photos, notes, and mementos from throughout your academic journey. It's a wonderful way to celebrate achievements and cherish memories with friends and family.

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