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Cool Kids Treats

Do you love fun desserts and treats? I do too! Don’t they make great Cool Kids Treats?! Perfect ideas for dessert, after-school snacks, or parties! What fun for the kids…okay, the adults too! I love anything chocolate, but honestly, I don’t think I would so no to any of these. Yum!

Cool Kids Treats

Make a few of these super Cool Kids Treats! Colorful ideas for snacks, after school or parties | OHMY-CREATIVE.COM

Cool Kids Treats Supplies:

  • Cake Mixe (flavor of your choice depending on the recipe)
  • Flour
  • Frosting 
  • Sugar
  • Baking Sheets
  • Cake Pans
  • Eggs

1. Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies

You can make these cookies from scratch (minus the Hershey kisses) in just over an hour! These are perfect year-round and make great gift ideas for the holidays too!

Peanut butter blossom cookies made with Hershey Hugs Kisses on a wood plank background. A try of cookies is seen in the background.

2. Whimsical Meringue Unicorn Poop Cookies

Now, these may be just the perfect touch for any birthday party! The kids will get a laugh and so will the parents! You can mix up the colors made to create these and pair them with any theme.

Meringue Unicorn Poop Cookies Recipe | OHMY-CREATIVE.COM | Unicorn Cookies | Unicorn Foods | Rainbow Unicorn Cookies | Poop Cookies | Unicorn Poop | Unicorn Pop | Meringue Cookies | Easy Meringue Recipe


3. Bubblegum Milkshake

This bubbleYUM recipe will make a pitcher of milkshakes, so serving size may vary based on the glasses used. You can create different combinations of these so everyone can create something unique! You only need six ingredients plus your mixer to whip this up in no time!

pink bubblegum flavored milkshake in glass cup

4. Sweet & Sour Cupcakes

Nothing balances out all the sweet like a good ‘ol sour kick every now and then! The toppings on these adorable cupcakes are what brings the sour and you can top them with whatever sour candies or gummies you can find!

yellow and red cupcakes topped with white frosting and sour pastel candy on top

5. Confetti Cookies

Confetti Cookies are easy to make and always look perfect! These are super easy to make from scratch and you can turn them into themed cookies by changing the color of the sprinkles you use!

vanilla cookies made with sprinkles

6. Peanut Butter Milkshake

If you know a peanut butter lover then pair this milkshake with the Peanut Butter cookies from earlier for a peanut butter party! You only need three ingredients and your favorite blender to create these yummy milkshakes!

Milkshake made with peanut butter

7. Homemade Marshmallows

All the kids are going to the making your marshmallows is the coolest thing ever! (Ok maybe not the teenagers, but that’s ok!) Easy to follow recipes but it does say it will require a candy thermometer!

white marshmallow squares with pink and purple sprinkles

8. Root Beer Float Cake in a Jar

This recipe will make 5-6 mini cakes if you use the pint-size mason jars. Add ice cream and frosting of choice and you’ve got a sweet treat ready to eat!

root beer float ice cream in a jar

9. Dirt Cake

A classic recipe that is sure to delight. This Dirk cake recipe is served in an ice cream bowl but you can also put it inside mason jars too. The kids LOVE being able to see the worm candy through the glass jars and it’s almost realistic with the cake all broken apart to resemble dirt.

crumbled cake in ice cream cup with gummy worms

10. Cake Mix Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich

These ice cream sandwich cookies are the perfect treat on a hot day! Combine well-loved cookies and ice cream with their favorite candy and you’ve got a huge hit! Be the cool house this summer!

cookies made with cake mix and ice cream between two cookies

11. Chocolate Shortbread with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

Have kids that love chocolate? (and maybe some adults too?) This recipe is a quick and easy triple chocolate bundle of delicious! Plus it only takes 45 minutes to make!

Chocolate Shortbread with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

12. Lemon Italian Ice

Skip the chocolate and go straight for the cool treat in the heat. Make your own Italian Ice! You only need water, sugar, and lemons to make it! 

frozen ice with fresh lemon

13. Fairy Bread

Need a quick and cheap snack idea the kids will love? Fairy Bread to the rescue! Just combine white bread, butter (cream cheese or frosting are other options), and sprinkles!

rolled white bread with frosting and sprinkles inside

14. Rainbow Sherbet Cupcakes

These rainbow sherbet cupcakes scream sugar rush! The icing actually tastes like sherbert too! Learn how to make the icing that is going to be the kids’ next favorite!

light pastel colored frosting on top of cupcakes

15. Ice Cream Cake

There’s not many sweet better than cake unless you add ice cream to it! You don’t even need to bake a cake for this delicious treat! It’s like an ice cream lasagna! Layer ice cream sandwiches with ice cream and top with M&Ms and ice cream!
no bake ice cream cake made with ice cream sandwiches

16. Chocolate Caramel S’mores

Nothing beats a good s’more on a fall night, right? Combine graham crackers, marshmallows, and caramel-filled chocolate bar pieces to make this deliciously warm treat.

homemade s'mores recipe

17. Mini S’Mores Pies

Keep the s’mores love going and make mini s’mores pies! You can buy the little graham cracker crusts at your local big box store and make deserts to go! (Perfect for camping trips!)

Mini S'mores Pies Recipe



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