Where To Buy Face Masks Right Now

The cloth face mask has become in hot demand these days. For our safety and those around us, it is important for us all to be wearing a cloth mask right now. I know a question you are asking is “where to buy face masks” and you need them RIGHT NOW!

Here is a list of different kinds of facemasks to meet your needs and your personality. Think of them as a fashion statement. Buy several to go with your mood or outfit for the day.

Also, many of these suggested cloth masks are handmade and produced by a small business. I love supporting the small guy so hopefully, you do too!

Where To Buy Face Masks Right Now

Women wearing cloth face mask

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Are Cloth Masks Medical Grade?

The answer is no. These cloth masks are not medical grade. Most cloth masks are made of cotton and are made with two or three layers of cotton fabric. Some masks come with filters or have a pocket sewn in for you to place your own filter.

Cloth Fitted Masks made by my daughter – so pretty!

Handmade Cloth Pleated Masks

These masks look flat but fan-out once on to cover over the mouth and nose. Most of these masks have a piece of elastic on each end to hook over the ears. Some varieties of the pleated face mask have ties in place of the elastic.

Cloth Fitted Masks

The nice thing about a cloth fitted mask is they lay smoothly on the face. With no pleating, there is less bulkiness across the face and on the sides giving you a sleeker look. These cloth fitted masks are made by my daughter.

Cloth Masks With Filters

The cloth masks with filters are great for those who would like an extra layer of protection. While none of the masks is medical-grade, they offer an additional layer. Some of the cloth masks come with extra filters and others have a pocket where you can insert your own.

Man wearing a fitted black face mask.

Masks For Men

While I think the prints are great, the brighter the better for women and children, not so much for men. Here are a variety of masks in black, solid dark colors or manly prints.

Funny Face Masks

These funny cloth face masks are for those who want to make a statement! Anything goes here from animal faces, funny faces, or sarcastic statements. These are great selfie masks for sure!

Children’s Cloth Face Masks

Of course, adult masks are not going to fit the face of a child. Here is a collection of Children’s cloth face masks sized perfectly for them! They come in great “kid approved” prints like superheroes or princess prints. The kids will have fun picking out there own.

I hope this list helps you with where to buy a face mask.

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