The Ultimate Thanksgiving Planner (That Will Save You Time)

This printable Thanksgiving planner has everything you need to prepare for the big turkey day! Print it, organize it, and start checking things off your list.

Stress-Free Thanksgiving Planning

There is so much to plan for when it comes to a huge family Thanksgiving. Planning and organizing the feast makes you feel like a full-time caterer. Add to that the activities, entertaining the kiddos, and the decorations – it’s like you are doing 3 full-time jobs.

It’s all worth it! Thanksgiving is a holiday is that is all about the memories you make with your family. That’s why you want to work so hard to make it special and unforgettable.

I made this Thanksgiving planner because I run on checklists, just like you do. In fact, I had made this planner pretty epic! It’s so thorough that you’ll probably want to use it every year as your Thanksgiving best friend!

What’s In The Printable Thanksgiving Planner

This is the only Thanksgiving planner you will ever need. It’s extremely thorough and detailed. Inside these pages, I gave you all the tools you could possibly need to throw a Thanksgiving Dinner that goes down as the most beautiful, organized, and heart-warming one you have ever hosted.

Here’s a quick overview of my favorite things in the planner. It’s a 33-page guide that you’ll wonder what you ever did without it.

Guest Organization

The very first part of the planner is a section dedicated to helping you keep track of who you invited, who is coming, and all of their contact information too.

Just in case any of them bring a hostess gift, there is a page in the planner where you can keep track of what they brought and whether you sent them a Thank You note yet or not.

Party Decor and Ideas

This section is one of my favorites. It’s more than just a few checklists. I included some helpful party decorating tips. I shared ideas that I learned from years of party-hosting experience.

After the tips, there is a checklist where you can write down the supplies you need to buy.

Thanksgiving Meal Printables

What kind of Thanksgiving planner would this be without the ability to track what you are making?

In addition to the printable menu-planning page, I shared links to my favorite Thanksgiving recipes too. After that, there is a printable recipe card so you and your friends/family members can swap recipes. Write them down and share them.

The blank grocery shopping list is broken down into food categories, which speeds up time in the store.

There is also a page where you can keep track of any guests that have special dietary needs.

To-Do List

The task-tracker page is a fantastic way to prioritize your tasks or even delegate them. Each task has its own set of checklists.

Since there is no way that I can possibly think of every kind of checklist everyone will ever need, I included a blank “notes” page. Use this however you need to. Print out multiple pages and keep things organized on it.


There are two calendar pages in this Thanksgiving planner – a weekly calendar and a monthly one. Both of them are undated, so you can print them out and use them every single year.

Budget Planner

The budget planning section will save you so much time, energy, and money! Keep track of how much you allocated to spend on Thanksgiving, and then challenge yourself to save as much money as you can.

There is a spot to write down the expected and surprise expenses that come up (because they always do).

The expenses pages let you guess how much you think you’ll spend and then track how much you actually spent. When you do it this way, you can see where your money is going and decide how to pivot and spend less in other ways.

Fun Thanksgiving Printables

Finally, I have some fun printables at the back of the planner. My favorite one is the “No Politics Please” sign that you can display on the table (or on the front door).

I also shared some round food toppers that you can add on top of cupcakes or appetizers. There are also links to free bonus printables too! You are really going to love diving into this planner and seeing what an epic party you can throw with the right tools.

How To Use The Thanksgiving Planner

There are two ways to use this Thanksgiving planner. First, you print it out and either spiral bind it or put it in a 3-ring binder. This makes it a one-time-use planner, but you can always print another one next year.

I love using paper because I can flip through the pages and physically mark things off the list.

The other way is to download it. Then, save a copy to use this year and use a PDF editor to add items to the lists and check them off.

This way saves you money on paper and ink, and you can access it from any device!

Either way, it’s a really snazzy planner that you’ll be so glad you have!

Get Your Thanksgiving Planner

Don’t put it off, download and print your Thanksgiving planner right now. It pays for itself in the immense time and stress-savings! No more worrying about who is doing what and if you will have enough food. Plus, you’ll save money when you can keep better track of the expenses.

Snag it and then share this post with your friends! They will thank you for making their Thanksgiving planning easier too.

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