Scary Halloween Costumes For Couples

Dressing up in coordinating costumes is always fun. Couples’ Halloween costumes are often cute or funny but let’s not forget those who like to dress up on the dark side – scary Halloween Costumes For Couples can be downright haunting! Find more Halloween Costume Ideas for you and the family!

If your favorite things about Halloween are haunted houses and spooky movies, then you probably want to dress the part! Let’s ignore all the cute and funny costumes and focus on the fear-inducing ones.

Grab your best friend, spouse, or co-worker, and pair up with these scary Halloween costumes for couples.

A collage of scary Halloween costumes for couples.
free printable Halloween party checklist

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Plan The Perfect Party With This Halloween Party Planner!

Before we get to the scary costumes for couples, click below to download the super-helpful Halloween party planner. All your to-do lists and ideas are in one easy place!

Seriously, this thing has it ALL! Don’t worry about what you should be planning. This bundle has all of your shopping lists, party food ideas, to-do lists, and even Halloween party games – all in one place.

How To Pick The Best Couples Costume

Now it’s the fun part – finding the costumes! When you are trying to choose scary Halloween costumes to wear together, I have a few tips that will speed up the shopping experience.

Draw From A Hat

When you are trying to decide on a costume together you won’t always agree. And that’s ok! Each person should put their top three choices into a bucket. Then, ask someone else to draw the winning choice.

This takes all the stress away from one person getting their way over the other person. To keep it really fair, the person that didn’t get their choice picked should get to pick the costume next time.

Choose The Theme First

There are so many different scary Halloween costumes for couples out there that it can be pretty overwhelming. Narrow down your search by choosing the theme first. Are you going to dress like a movie? Time period? Will it be bloody/gory? Or just spooky/ghostly?

Check The Weather

Costumes like ghosts and witches are really easy to dress up for warmer weather – just add heavier sweatshirts and coats. If you live somewhere that gets kinda cold and you’ll be outside, choose a costume that has sleeves and pants.

DIY Costumes

Costumes don’t have to cost a fortune. I found some pretty affordable choices in the list below. Even so, you can still probably find ways to make costumes out of craft supplies and clothes from thrift stores.

The black character from Squid Games just needs all black clothes and a mask. The mask might be tough to make, but a handy crafter can figure it out.

Make Regular Costumes Scarier

Reuse costumes from last year, just make them scarier! A bit of face paint and red paint adds blood to any costume.

There you have it! Now browse the scary Halloween costumes for couples below! Click through to each costume and add to cart – easy peasy!

Scary Halloween Costumes For Couples

Want to scare up some fun this Halloween? These scary Halloween costumes for adults will do just that!

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