Watercolor Easter Eggs – A New Way To Decorate Eggs

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I have been inspired lately by all the new ways to dye or decorate Easter Eggs. It seems the traditional way we have been dying eggs is not good enough! I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed, exploring egg decorating with watercolor paints – it’s just not for kids anymore!

Watercolor Easter Eggs – A New Way To Decorate Eggs

Easter Eggs Painted With Watercolor Paint  |  OHMY-CREATIVE.COM  #EasterEggs

Easter Eggs Painted With Watercolor Paint  |  OHMY-CREATIVE.COM  #EasterEggs

I do have a major disclaimer – WATERCOLOR PAINTS ARE NOT FOR FOOD PRODUCTS AND MAY CONTAIN LEAD – DO NOT PAINT ANYTHING YOU OR YOUR CHILDREN INTEND TO EAT! These would be perfect for Blown Out Eggs like they do here.

My inspiration for my eggs came from this…my dads well used watercolor paint tray. He was a very talented painter who sadly is unable to paint anymore. My mother gave me his tray last week – many wonderful paintings came from here. You can see some of his work in this past Father’s Day Post! Since I am also artistic I did a little painting when I was younger…watching and learning some of his techniques. I thought I would try a few to see if they would work on the eggs as well.

Crackled Painted Easter Eggs

The one thing about watercolor paint is that it is hard to control. Unlike other paints it wants to spread. The secret to the Crackle Egg look is plastic wrap! Whatever brand you like. Simply paint the egg completely with heavy pigment then crinkle the plastic wrap and dab it all over the egg. The wrap removes the paint in some areas and collect it deeper in others. Let dry without smudging, it if you can. Pretty cool looking! And yes, my dad did this on his paintings!

Crackled Painted Easter Eggs

Speckled Easter Eggs

Tip: I found it easier to take the egg carton and turn it upside down, to hold the egg, while I painted. My fingers were getting a little messy!

Speckled Easter Eggs

The Speckled Egg was done in a similar technique. Completely cover the egg with paint, dip a small bristle brush in water and sprinkle the water on the egg. Watch the pigment dilute as the water hits the egg.

How to Speckle an Easter Egg

Painted Easter Eggs

As I said, watercolor paint can be hard to control, but one of the cool things about it is the interesting effects it creates when the colors bleed together. For the Bleeding Egg (looks a little tie-dyed) I first dipped the entire egg in water, then dabbed the egg with heavy pigment. It takes a few minutes, but the colors begin to bleed together. Add additional paint and colors as needed.

Painted Easter Eggs

Hope you are inspired to decorate your eggs creatively this Easter!

Painted Easter Eggs

How to paint Easter Eggs with watercolor paint for decoration  |  OHMY-CREATIVE.COM


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  1. We featured chevron Easter eggs today…Now I want to do this too!

  2. These are absolutely gorgeous!!! PINNING this! Thanks for linking up :)

  3. Thanks so much for the wonderful idea! I am a painter with tons of watercolor paints lying around and, like yourself, have been inspired by all the new and wonderful ways to decorate easter eggs so this is an awesome idea for me to try out this year! a far cry from my hard-boiled, drawn on with wax crayon, then dyed fully days as a child lol!

  4. These are absolutely beautiful. I have never been big on painted eggs because of the mess, but the end result is so pretty. These are unlike any other painted eggs I’ve seen this year on blogs.

    – Claire

  5. Really Cool! I am inviting you to come and be part of my blog hop:

  6. Wonderful – I love your eggs! Just to let you know I featured you on homework today!
    Pop by for a featured button.

  7. Featuring you today!!! I love your eggs!! XO, Aimee

  8. They are all so beautiful! I didn’t do any this year, just chocolate eggs and cookie eggs and other goodies. These inspire me to want to make some though! Great idea to use the empty carton. Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. We too have been experimenting with watercolors and egg this week, and I loved the results. My daughter loved how colors, merged, changes and weeped.

  10. Nice Eggs!

  11. I love these.. It can also be a fun activity with kids.. I hope you had a wonderful Easter.. Thanks for linking up at friday fun party..

  12. So, so pretty! Just like art. I would not have the heart to peel them!

    • Susan @ Oh My! Creative says:

      Thanks, Shannon! I am not sure these are really to eat. More decoration or inspiration!

  13. Those eggs are a true work of art! And I love your photography. Your photos are so crisp and clean, the colors really stand out. #sitssharefest

    • Thank you so much! The eggs turned out so pretty and yes, I was experimenting with my photography that day! Happy with the results!

  14. Beautiful, Susan! Love the “bleeding” egg!

  15. Just gorgeous! Would there be a way to maybe seal the eggshell after painting this so the art would not be ruined if it got water on it after you were done?

    • Susan B says:

      Thank you, Naomi! Of course you would have to remove the contents of the egg before painting, but I think you could find a spray varnish at Joann Fabric or Michael’s that would seal the paint.

  16. I’ve seen similar designs on eggs when colour or colours were put into a bowl of water and cooking oil.
    The egg would be put into the bowl and when fished out, would have various colours stuck to the eggs.


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