The Best Graduation Party Balloons For A Festive Celebration

Check out this list of the best graduation party balloons, all in one place! Find the perfect balloons for your upcoming celebration. Need more help? Check out these Graduation Party Ideas: The Ultimate Guide!

A party just isn’t a party without some balloons! They add color, texture and volume to every get-together. If you are planning a party, don’t forget about the balloons. Plus, they take up so much space that you don’t have to spend time decorating, just add balloons.

Why Decorate With Balloons

I love decorating with balloons. All you need is a simple theme – like graduation 2022 – and then pick out balloons that match. Now your walls and ceiling are decorated!

Balloons also add energy to a party. They seem to dance and bop around the area, swaying in the air. This electrifies the air and makes the party so much more fun.

Balloons are also super photogenic! When you are collecting pictures of your party, you want pretty backgrounds, and color-coordinated balloons are the best for this.

A collage of fest graduation party balloons to decorate for a grad party!

Print A Graduation Party Checklist

If you are planning a graduation party, then you need this checklist! It is free and will help you get everything done, without stressing out. Grab it below.

optin graduation party checklist image to receive the free pdf download.

Types Of Graduation Balloons

Beyond the two main types of balloons – helium and the kind you blow up yourself – there are a few different choices you can make too. Helium balloons are a ton of fun and come in a few different varieties, each with its own benefits.

You’ll find examples of these balloons in the list below. Click through and buy the balloons that are perfect for your graduation party.


The most common kind of graduation balloons exclaim proudly, “Congrats, Graduate!” These are easy-win and you’ll find them at just about every graduation party.

Spell Out Words

You can also buy alphabet letter balloons and spell out whoever you want. Some people like to spell out the graduating senior’s first name, nickname, or some other inside joke.

40 Inch Balloons Set Aluminum Foil Number Balloons


There are also helium balloons in the shape of numbers. These are perfect to use for the graduating year.

Simple Round Balloons

Have you ever seen balloon arches above doorways? These are created with different sizes of balloons. For the best look, use 1-3 different colors, preferable the school colors.


There are also clear balloons stuffed with colorful confetti. These are perfect to use if you don’t really have a color scheme but still want something playful and fun.

Musical Balloons

Some helium balloons include a small music box you can play by pushing a button. These are more of a novelty or a funny gift.

Party Location

Finally, they also make balloons that announce, “Party Is Here!” This is a really simple and fun way to show off where the party is to your guests.

Graduation Party Balloons Tips

Choosing the shapes and colors of the balloons is just the first step. Here are some essential tips that will help you when you decorate with them.

Create A Photo Backdrop

Keep photographs in mind when you set up your balloons. Give your guests a place they can take some selfies. Maybe even provide some silly props! Balloon walls are a really easy way to do this.

Less Is More

When you don’t really know where to place the balloons, just remember that less is more. Set up one corner or one wall. If you are feeling particularly overwhelmed, just display a few statement balloons as a centerpiece by the cake and punch bowl.

Showcase Party Location

One of the best ways to use helium balloons is to highlight where the party is. Tie balloons to your mailbox and to party signs that lead up to your front door.

Photoshoot Props

Finally, remember that you and your graduate are super proud of this event, and you’ll probably want to commemorate it with some pictures! Use some number balloons or personalized balloons to be used as props.

Snap some pictures of your senior and remember this exciting day for years to come!

The Best Graduation Party Balloons You Can Buy

A collage of fest graduation party balloons to decorate for a grad party!

Here you go! Check out this fantastic list of amazing graduation party balloons and mark this off your to-do list.

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Graduation Party Balloons

Graduation Balloons are one of the easiest ways to decorate for a graduation party!

More Graduation Party Ideas

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