80’s Themed Centerpieces Using Jell-0

I am currently volunteering for a fundraiser for our local Children’s Museum. This years theme is an 80’s Bash and I am on the decorations committee. I have been working on some fun simple centerpiece ideas with that wonderful 80’s feel. We need for them to be simple and cheap.

I think that the 80’s were really about how we all dressed. The bright neon colors, animal prints, lace and just hideous combinations of clothing…yet we all thought we looked hip and cool.

These couple of ideas are a little funky, but inexpensive. I was inspired by a centerpiece idea using Jell-O that I saw on the Rachael Ray web site…see the last photo in this post.

Here is what I did. I took a tall thin glass vase and made a small package of Lemon Jell-O…following the directions on the package. Refrigerated over night. The Light Cubes had to go into the Jell-O after it was set so they could turned on. I then shoved them in with my fingers…a little messy. This disturbed the perfectness of the Jell-0 making it rough and bubbly looking on top. It actually looked kind of neat. I place the vase on top of neon and zebra scrapbook paper.

I wasn’t really crazy about the vase so I scooped the Jell-O out and put it into a couple of martini glasses. One small package of Jell-O would fill about 3 glasses. These would be great on a bar or food table, really setting the mood in a dimly light room for a funky party.

I had this rose flower bunch from the dollar store, popped one of the flowers off and place it on the top of the Jell-O, then added a little fun fur. This would be fun for a girls night out party.

I can tell you this, the Jell-O was fun and easy to work with and definitely inexpensive. For the right party it would be great to use for some fun decorations.
Susan B

Susan B

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Susan B
Susan B

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  1. hi there i would love to make these center peices for my 80s party , and where would i find the cubes lights at thank you

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