Innovative Camping Recipes

What do you eat when you go camping? Now you have 20 fun, yummy, and innovative camping recipes. From lunch to dinner and even dessert, we’ve got you covered.


20 Camping food recipes

The Most Innovative Camping Recipes

It’s easy to get stuck in the hamburgers and hotdogs run when you go camping. But there are so many other fantastic ideas out there.

While the weather is amazing, get out there and go camping. You can make a meal, build a fire, then go home and sleep in your bed. The most important thing is to make some memories together.

Don’t forget to print off a camping checklist so you don’t forget anything!

1. Taco In A Bag

Taco in a Bag

I’ve heard this called a walking taco before. The cleanup is a breeze. You put all your favorite taco toppings in a snack-size bag of tortilla chips or Fritos.

Find it on Merry About Town.

2. Shrimp Macaroni Salad

shrimp macaroni salad

This is one you will want to make at home and bring to the campsite. I love a cold pasta salad when it’s hot outside. It’s so refreshing.

Find it on Bunny’s Warm Oven.

3. Hot Dog on a Stick

Hot Dog on a Stick

Anything that makes cleanup at the campsite easier is a win! You can make these right over the fire and they taste like pigs in a blanket right from home.

Find it on The Joys of Boys.

4. Foil Pack French Dip Sandwiches

Foil packet french dip sandwiches for camping

How incredible does this look? You’ll have a piping hot sandwich for the entire family in no time at all!

Find it on Chelsea’s Messy Apron.

5. Dutch Oven Cinnamon Roll

Dutch oven cinnamon roll

And now for some dessert! You can make fresh cinnamon rolls right over the fire. This tutorial shows you how. Keep in mind it makes one huge cinnamon roll, so bring a knife.

Find it on Fav Family Recipes.

6. Grilled Ham and Cheese Pull-A-Part Sandwiches

easy ham and turkey pull apart sandwich for camping

A grilled sandwich likes this is perfect for both lunch and dinner. Make a huge batch, everyone will want seconds.

Find it on Hip2Save.

7. Campfire Macaroni and Cheese

campfire mac and cheese

Mac and Cheese is a kid-favorite. You can make it over the fire in a disposable aluminum tray. Just follow this recipe.

Find it on Nellie Bellie.

8. Camp Cooker Pizza

camp cooker pizza

You’ll need a camp cooker to make these. But you can use it for so many things. If you plan on going camping a lot, you should definitely invest in one.

Find it on Twin Dragonfly Designs.

9. Campfire Cones

campfire cones dessert

This is a dessert in a cone that doesn’t melt! Oh, and it’s a naturally biodegradable container. What could be better?

Find it on The Girl Who Ate Everything.

10. Sausage and Gravy Hobo Dinner

sausage and potatoes hobo dinner

Meat, potatoes, and veggies. It’s all here! And it’s super easy to prepare when you use foil packets.

Find it on Totally the Bomb.

11. Grilled Foil Ranch Potatoes

grilled ranch potatoes in foil packets

This recipe gives you cheesy and salty potatoes that everyone is going to seriously devour. You can even make single-serving sizes.

Find it on Fav Family Recipes.

12. Raspberry Nutella Mountain Pies

nutella mountain pies

Dessert time! Mmmm…..Nutella is divine! This is kinda rich and super sweet. And it’s pretty messy too. But that’s half the fun.

Find it on The Sweetest Occasion.

13. Grilled Foil Packet Cheesy Fries

Foil Packet Cheesy Fries

Indulge in your favorite side dish – cheesy fries! They are very simple to make when you use foil packets over the fire.

Find it on Jodez Home and Garden.

14. Grilled Nachos

Grilled Nachos

When you prepare a whole pan of nachos like this, you are going to have one happy family! You can even put everyone’s favorite toppings on as well.

Find it on Let’s Camp S’more.

15. Red Curry Rice

Thai Red Curry Rice Recipe

Want something that tastes different than just grilled meats? Try this red curry rice! It’s a tad spicy which makes it even better.

Find it on Fresh Off the Grid.

16. Foil Packet Italian Sausage and Veggies

Tin foil sausage and peppers

Oh my goodness this recipe tastes like the most comforting homemade meal you’ve ever had. It is campfire cooking – perfected!

Find it on Chelsea’s Messy Apron.

17.Campfire Spinach Dip

campfire spinach dip recipe

Spinach dip is a creamy delight. Make some right over your campfire. This recipe is extra cheesy, which makes it amazing.

Find it on Twin Dragonfly Designs.

18. Campfire Eclairs

Campfire eclairs

These are as easy to make as s’mores but way less messy and taste (in my opinion) a million times better.

Find it on The Many Little Joys.

19. Campfire Pizza Cones

Campfire pizza cones

This could be lunch or dinner. It combines the gooey yumminess of pizza with the portability of burritos.

Find it on The Joys of Boys.

20. Campfire Beans and Weenies

campfire beans and weenies

Beans and weenies is a camping classic. You have to serve this. It’s what camping food is supposed to be.

Find it on All Roads Lead to the Kitchen.


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20 Camping Recipes


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