Free Printable St. Patrick’s Day Coloring Pages

Download and print these super cute St Patrick’s Day coloring pages. They are perfect for kids of all ages. Laminate them for fun placemats.

St Patrick’s Day is a really fun and lighthearted holiday. It’s a playful one, where you might find a pot ‘o gold at the end of a rainbow and everyone is smiling and wearing green.

And I have a special treat for you!

Five Free St. Patrick's Day Coloring Pages - The kids will love these cute leprechauns, shamrocks and pots of gold for the to color and celebrate St. Patrick's Day! Black and white st. Patrick's day pages to color.

Free Printable St Patrick’s Day Coloring Pages

I love making and sharing coloring pages with you! And with St. Patrick’s Day so close, it’s the perfect time to share a few lucky pages.

All five of these pages are different. Some have an owl on them and others have a jovial little leprechaun.

Fun fact, did you know that the myths of leprechauns date way back? In Ireland, these mischievous fairies could grant you three wishes if you caught him. But be careful! They were troublesome little things that loved to play tricks on people.

But in these coloring pages, they are cute!

DIY Coloring Pages Ideas

What can you do with free printable coloring pages? Give one of these ideas a try. They don’t cost much and will give your little ones something to do on long car rides or while they wait for appointments.

Make A Coloring Book

You can print all of them out and bind them together to make a DIY coloring book. Here are a few fun ways to make your own coloring book.

  • Yarn – Punch holes in the coloring pages and tie them together with yarn
  • Staple Them
  • Binder – place them in a 3-ring binder
  • Pronged Folder – Punch holes in them and put them in a folder with prongs

DIY Placemats

Another fun idea is to laminate each of the pages. Then, your kids can color on them with dry-erase markers. This idea is only a good idea for kiddos that won’t use the markers on their own skin.

Homemade Cards

You can also print out the coloring pages in a smaller size and then glue them to card stock. Now you have DIY greeting cards. Let your kids color them and hand them out to their friends and teachers.

Decorate A Box

After your kids color or paint these pages, cut them out. Then, use Mod Podge or similar glue to glue them to a shoebox. This can be a fun way to create a memory box.

Download and Print the Free St Patrick’s Day Coloring Pages

There you have it! These coloring pages are a ton of fun! Print them out and have fun making memories together.

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More Free Coloring Pages

Have fun printing and coloring more pages! Here are some I think you’ll really love.

St. Patrick's Day leprechaun holding a shamrock and the word LUCKY coloring pageSt. Patrick's Day owl with a leprechaun hat on sitting on a pot of gold coloring pageSt. Patrick's Day leprechaun sitting on a cloud with a rainbow coloring pageSt. Patrick's Day owl holding shamrock balloons coloring page

St. Patrick's Day leprechaun sitting on a pot of gold with a rainbow in the background coloring page



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