5 Simple Super Bowl Party Ideas

Here are a few Super Bowl Party ideas – even if your home team isn’t in the game.  Throwing a super bowl party doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.  These simple super bowl party ideas are ideal for getting a bit more fun into your event without breaking the bank.  As you can see, we have a few really great ideas that are going to be perfect for your family and friends to help you celebrate!

5 Simple Super Bowl Party Ideas

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Decorate with team colors.  At our Super Bowl party a few years ago, we took the time to use some simple Super Bowl decorating ideas by creating a theme around our favorite team, the Steelers.  Things like construction paper pennants, colored plates and napkins and a few simple dollar store items brought this idea together easily, and affordably.

Use your crafting skills.  I love doing fun things with scrapbooks, so I took advantage of my scrapbooking numbers and put our favorite players numbers on the glassware so everyone could identify their glass easily.  They peeled right off after the party for easy cleanup.  This is one of my favorite unique Super Bowl party ideas because it allows your guests to help you decorate and they don’t even know it!

Serve easy foods in new ways.  I love the idea of making a few of our favorite appetizers for a Super Bowl party.  Simple foods like a Crockpot of chili, some hot dogs, chips and dips are always popular.  If you are short on time and money, a simple cupcake mix and can of icing can easily be transformed into a team centered dessert with a few drops of food coloring in the icing!

Dress for the game.  Another of my favorite fun and simple Super Bowl party ideas is to dress for the game.  Now is the time to grab those team Jersey’s, t-shirts, and similar to support your team.  Is your favorite team not going to play this year?  Wear your favorites or grab something in the colors of one of the teams that are playing.  Dressing for the game is just another great part of the fun you can have at a Super Bowl party with friends and family.
Give kids a party too!  One thing that is often missing from a fun Super Bowl party is a place for the kids to hang out and have fun.  While some may enjoy the game, the younger crowd is more likely to get bored and be asking you for time on the TV or with a game.  Instead of waiting for them to come asking, take the time ahead of the game to setup an area of the house for the kids.  Maybe use the main living area for your party and the den for the kids, or even set up the kids bedroom for a fun event with decorations, but a kid friendly movie to watch or some games instead of the game.  This can make it much easier for your friends to feel comfortable bringing their kids, and makes it easier on you to enjoy the time with friends.
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