More Easy Steelers Themed Super Bowl Party Ideas

We love the Steelers and so I wanted to share some more easy Steelers themed Super Bowl party ideas wit you here in case you are fnas of our favorite yellow and black team!  A few years ago, we hosted an all Steelers themed party and had tons of fun making some simple and easy things come together fast and on a budget.  I just know these ideas are going to be great for your next party!

More Easy Steelers Themed Super Bowl Party Ideas

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Here are a few of the fun Steelers themed Super Bowl party ideas I made for our last big game event.  They are simple and easy, but can be a great way to customize your next Steelers themed Party!

I had these black stickers from scrapbooking, and let each person pick their favorite players jersey number to put on their glasses.  This works like a wine charm to help everyone know what glass is theirs.

On these black wine glasses, I tied a yellow ribbon around the stem and added the number stickers to the ribbon. They look cute and are totally functional for our guests to keep track of their drinks easily in a crowd!  You can also take advantage of things like chalkboard stickers and chalk to create unique name markers on cups!

When it comes time to create a fun buffet of food, it’s hard to find a lot of yummy yellow and black items to serve.  So, instead of making everything team colors, I focused on this great and maybe the easiest of Super Bowl party ideas to make my boxed mix cupcakes team colors with some colored icing and colored sugar using a fun stencil I made!

I used the paper the stickers came off of, cut out the letter area and used it as a stencil to add the big black “S” on each yellow topped cupcake!  If you really want to go fancy, you can grab some Steelers cupcake toppers to stick into the top of your cupcake, but this was a cheap and easy method that worked great for our party.

I love building fun party themes for our family and freinds to enjoy with us.  Even on a limited budget, you see that you can have a great Steelers themed Super Bowl party that everyone will enjoy! Simply use some of our favorite tricks to creats Super Bowl party ideas that fit in your budget and with your team easily.

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