Totally Awesome 80’s Party Fer-shur

Like fer-shur, this was a totally awesome and fun 80’s party. I was on the decorating committee for this local fundraiser and even with a very tight budget, the committee came up with some great ideas to take us back in time to the 80’s. Neon, neon and more neon are the colors to use. Balloons used everywhere were a cheap and easy way to decorate the many rooms for this event. We bought movies from the 80’s from Goodwill and used bookstores, then used the tapes as anchors for the balloons on all the tables. There were 80’s cassette tapes tossed on the tables with neon table clothes. In addition, there was a sheet of 80’s sayings printed on neon paper for people reminiscing, popcorn drizzled with neon chocolate, and glow sticks.

There was a “Preppy Room” filled with pink and green balloons and a large blowup of the cover of the Preppy Handbook. Some of the committee made these large Pac Man cutouts out of wood so they could stand on their own…they turned out great. These can also be made out of paper and hung on the wall for a party at home.

I think one or the most memorable aspects of the 80’s were the way everyone dress…who could forget this! It was just plain scary even though we all thought we looked great. Big hair, shoulder pads, wild prints and more neon gave us great style. Slash (below) won the best-dressed male. There was also a guy dressed like Indiana Jones…he looked fantastic. Dressing like characters from famous 80’s movies can also be a fun idea.

There was also some great entertainment at the party. A couple of guys were doing airbrush tattoos. They did a great job, with a large variety of tattoos to pick from. Break-dancers…they were amazing to watch. A local salon did hairstyles of the 80’s. So, if you did not come with big hair you could leave with it. Everyone looked great and fun was had by all.

Susan B

Susan B

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Susan B
Susan B

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