Ticket Stub Memory Box

If you love going to movies like me, then this ticket stub memory box is a great fun DIY project!  It’s a perfect way to hold onto memories of your favorite date nights with your spouse, or a fun family project to see how many movies you see each year together in the theater!

Ticket Stub Memory Box

Happy third Thursday of the month again, friends! This is Erica over at Dwell Beautiful back again to share a new DIY tutorial with you. Today I’m bringing you something that is a great keepsake and would be the perfect gift for a friend or loved one – a ticket stub memory box!

Collect and display treasured moments by creating a Ticket Stub Memory Box!

We all have those old tickets lying around; the ones you don’t want to throw away because they are from something special but you don’t know what to do with. This ticket stub memory box is a great way to display precious memories for years to come!  discovered I had

I discovered I had a lot of ticket stubs that were gathering dust in the bottom of a cardboard box. Tickets to movies and concerts I have been to with my husband from while we were dating, special events I went to with friends or family – TONS of great memories all on those little stubs of paper. I decided I wanted a fun way to display them so I commenced in making a ticket stub memory box. It’s super easy and is a great way to keep all of your important memories where you can admire them! I’ll show you how you can make one in just a few easy steps. Let’s get started :)

Materials Needed: 

Step 1:

Rust-Oleum Spray Paint

Start by spray painting your frame with your desired color. This is totally optional, but mine was just a plain, boring wood color and I wanted something that POPS! If you decide to spray paint, remove or cover the glass so you don’t get any paint on it!  Your ticket stub memory box can match your favorite colors, or even designs if you use stencils to add some fun images.

Step 2:

Admit One Ticket Sign - ticket stub memory box

Now here is where your own creativity and style come in – the making of the ‘admit one’ sign! I had a ticket from a Seattle Ghost Tour (my husband and I like weird stuff like that haha) that already said ‘admit one’ and was in the vintage style, so I knew it would be the perfect sign to distinguish my ticket stub memory box.

I simply glued it to some pretty circus ticket scrapbook paper and then taped it to the inside of my glass with some scotch tape. If you don’t have the perfect ticket to use, feel free to make your own using scrapbook paper, markers, stickers, stencils and paint, your silhouette, anything you feel like!

Step 3:

Collect and display treasured moments by creating a Ticket Stub Memory Box!

Add your tickets! Try to keep the bigger ones in the back and the smaller ones in the front so they can be seen! And there you have it! Your completed ticket stub memory box 🙂

I’m always adding to mine whenever hubby and I go out on a date! This project gets tons of comments whenever anyone comes over – they think it’s so clever, and rightly so ;)

Collect and display treasured moments by creating a Ticket Stub Memory Box!


Savor the memories from your favorite shows and events by making this easy DIY Ticket Stub Memory Box!

This would totally be a great handmade Christmas gift for anyone who likes to save memorabilia like tickets and programs!  A fun ticket stub memory box is a great choice for anyone wanting to hold onto their memories of dates, events and special times with friends and family.

What are some tickets that you’ve saved? Thanks again to Susan for having me along and I’ll see you all next month!


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