DIY Monogram Frame With Family Quote

Check out this super fun and easy DIY Monogram Frame with Family Quote that is an excellent reminder of your family theme this year! Today I have a fun project to share – this DIY Monogram Family Quote Frame.

DIY Monogram Family Quote Frame - MyLove2Create

DIY Monogram Frame With Family Quote

This monogram frame is a fun and easy way to encourage your family to keep a positive attitude with a great quote. This is a great monogram wall art piece that includes the quote, “The love of a Family is life’s, Greatest Blessing!  It was pretty simple, but I love it!  It makes me think of spring with its bright color (wishful thinking).

Materials Needed: 

  • Old wooden frame
  • Wood glue (Gorilla glue works great)
  • Scrap lumber (2×4 or 1×4 pieces work great)
  • Sandpaper
  • Primer
  • 2 colors Paint (color of choice – this used a teal and white)
  • Stencil or Contact paper to create a homemade stencil for a quote

It all started with a dusty frame…

DIY Monogram Family Quote Frame - MyLove2Create

I have had this frame for a while, I found it in a pile of free wood, and I knew someday I would use it.  Making a simple monogram wall art piece is ideal for this old and dusty frame!

DIY Monogram Family Quote Frame - MyLove2Create

I decided to finally pull it out and make a sign with it.  I wanted a rustic background so I reused wood from an old project that had been knocked off the wall and broken (kids!).   I started by seeing how they would fit in the frame.  

One piece was a little too wide, so I marked it and cut it with a jigsaw.  It fits perfectly now! You can start with scrap lumber, or measure your picture frame and have the wood cut to order at your local hardware store. For this simple project, it will likely cost under $5 for the wood needed.

DIY Monogram Family Quote Frame - MyLove2Create

The old frame was pretty sturdy but had some cracks, so I filled them.  You can use a little putty for this project.

DIY Monogram Family Quote Frame - MyLove2Create

I cleaned the frame really well and sanded it.  Then I primed and painted!  I prefer using KILZ primer since it is a thicker coat to cover old paint colors or stains, and it is also a great choice on this upcycled old frame to new monogram frame to kill or cover any mold that could be existing.  I like to buy the mis tinted little jars of paint at Home Depot, they are only 50 cents! This teal paint was so pretty and bright!

DIY Monogram Family Quote Frame - MyLove2Create

Then I glued in the boards with my Gorilla Glue and let it dry.  This is a project that if you had the hardware store cut your wood for you, could be something even your kids could help with.  No power tools and no nails?  That’s awesome!

DIY Monogram Family Quote Frame - MyLove2Create

I was wanting a monogram to look so I cut out the letter of our last name and painted it on.  But I didn’t like it…hmmmm

DIY Monogram Family Quote Frame - MyLove2Create

I just seemed too plain, so I looked for family quotes and found this one.  I quickly made a stencil out of contact paper and dry-brushed over it.  If I use hardly any paint, it doesn’t bleed.  You can use a simple set of stencils and paint, or could even use a Cricut or Silhouette vinyl system to print your message on vinyl to peel and stick instead of paint!

DIY Monogram Family Quote Frame - MyLove2Create

Gave it a little distressing, and my monogram frame was done!!  Oh, I did change the wire hanger on the back so the frame could hang in the other direction, forgot to take a picture of that step!

DIY Monogram Family Quote Frame - MyLove2Create

I love repurposed wood, this was from an old fence.  I like the overlapping quote over the letter C, it looks much better than being all alone.

DIY Monogram Family Quote Frame - MyLove2Create

A great repurpose project from an old frame and reclaimed wood! A DIY Monogram Family Quote Frame | My Love 2 Create for OHMY-CREATIVE.COM

Do you like the color?  My husband wasn’t too hot on it, but I think it is fun a bright….ready for Spring!  Choose whatever color you want for your monogram wall art project like this simple monogram frame with a cute family quote!

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  1. I so love this Mindi!!!! And how awesome that you picked up that frame for free! Way to repurpose! And I happen to really like that color! It is a perfect modern color to pair with the wood slates! Beautifully done! You are a talent and there aren’t many women who can use tools like you!! Nicole

  2. Mindi–Love your monogram family quote. 🙂

    I stencil like this all the time for my Etsy signs (well the quote, not the monogram) I like the layering!

    the color is fun too… I long for Spring!

  3. This is such a cute idea! I can’t wait to do this once we get settled into our new home (sometime in the next year!) Thanks for linking up with Moonlight & Mason Jars this week.

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