25 of the Best Thanksgiving Traditions for Families

If you’re looking for new Thanksgiving Traditions For Families to adopt or use this year, check out this list! It’s filled with ideas you can use to make memories together. You’ll love these fun Thanksgiving Ideas.

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that feels like it is way too easy to overlook. Halloween has grown into a crazy holiday, and Christmas seems to start before Halloween is over.

The thing about Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving traditions is it is all about family…and good food of course. The turkey might be the star but what we all love is the side dishes!

Enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with pumpkin pie and homemade breads along with the traditional turkey dinner!

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The Best Things About Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a pretty simple holiday.

There isn’t much to buy, and the dinner can be simple or elaborate – it’s just about who you are with and the family memories and creating traditions.

Thanksgiving really is all about the memories you make together. It’s also about stepping back to appreciate all of the blessings you have.

It’s also extra-special for kids. That’s the age when those core memories are formed. So, I included some Thanksgiving traditions for kids in this list, too.

What Are Traditions?

They’re like the cozy, time-honored rituals that add that extra sprinkle of meaning and warmth to our lives.

Thanksgiving traditions are the secret sauce that gives a special flavor to our family gatherings, holidays, and cultures. You see, traditions are those beautiful things we do because, well, we’ve always done them! They’re like old friends that we invite over again and again.

And these new Thanksgiving tradition ideas can give extra meaning to your Thanksgiving meal.

How To Create Thanksgiving Traditions

I know we all have our Thanksgiving Day traditions, but maybe this year, you are looking for something new to include. Your family dynamics have possibly changed, and you need to change things up a little. I know this has been true for my family in recent years.

So, I have come up with a few suggestions on what you might do to change up your Thanksgiving traditions or make new ones the family will repeat next year!

25 of the Best Thanksgiving Traditions for Families

  1. Make a Toast about all that the family is thankful for from the past year.
  2. Have the Kids Say Grace
  3. Have Guests Bring New Wines to Taste
  4. Share What You’re Thankful For With These Conversation Starter Cards
  5. Treat Yourself and Opt to Dine Out at a Local Restaurant – bonus…no dishes
  6. After Dinner Serve Hot Toddies or Cider Around a Fire
  7. Prepare Foods from Around the World
  8. Volunteer to Serve Thanksgiving Dinner Together at a Shelter
  9. Family Thanksgiving Olympic Games or have a tournament using board games.
  10. Use These Free Printable Card so the Kids can Create a Be Thankful Jar Weeks Leading Up to Thanksgiving. Use these Free Printable Cards for the Kids to write on
  11. Eat Early and Head to the Movie Theater
  12. Take Polaroid Pictures for Each Guest to Take Home
  13. A Kiddie Craft Table: Have craft supplies on hand to make one of these Turkey Craft Projects
  14. Have a Turkey Cupcake Decorating Contest…See 17 Thanksgiving Cupcake Ideas Here
  15. Black Friday Shopping
  16. Make a Wish Using the Wishbone
  17. Watch Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV
  18. Light Candles to Honor a Lost Loved One
  19. Play Christmas Music
  20. Everyone Contribute to Packing a Food Box for a Family in Need
  21. Host a Thanksgiving Murder Mystery Dinner
  22. Scavenger Hunt for the Kiddo’s
  23. Take a Nature Walk and Collect Things to Make a Centerpiece
  24. Watch Football & Serve Game Day Foods Instead
  25. Host a Storybook Reading for the Little Ones

How To Create New Traditions

Get the entire family involved if you want to make new Thanksgiving tradition ideas a regular thing.

Read this list together. Then, let everyone pick out their favorite ones. Once you all agree on your favorite Thanksgiving Day traditions, do them! That’s all there is to it.

Take a walk and enjoy the great outdoors on Thanksgiving with the family!

Here are a few other Thanksgiving Ideas to make your holiday special!

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Create lasting memories the family will love Like this traditional turkey thanksgiving dinner.
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