Tacky Party Theme – Halloween Party

This was a Tacky Halloween Bunko I had a few years back. Instead of everyone dressing in random costumes I requested everyone to search their closet for their most tacky belongings. We all have something from 80’s tucked in the closet!
I had a group photo of some of us from a past Halloween Party. We had these hideous costumes on with enlarged behinds and this inspired my invitation.
Bootylicious Bunko
No fright this eve, just dress as tacky as can be, maybe something from 1983
Polyester, plaids and shoulder pads and you are sure to look so fab.

I made certificates and awards to give out for those who were creative with their outfits. I attached the certificate to a gift bag so everyone could place a vote in each of the categories.

Here are close-ups of the different categories and the prizes.

Sexy leopard panties with a little fur trim for the gal with the Best Bootylicous Booty!

Sparkly over sized shoulder pads trimmed in fur.

Glamorous visor.

The grand winner Miss Tackylicious!

Best use of Hairspray received a bottle of White Rain hairspray and sponge rollers.

And the winners are…

I made these radish eyeballs to put in the drinks. I soaked them in water then put them in the freezer. They are a fun accent for any Halloween Party. Freeze them in an ice cube tray for full size cubes.

It doesn’t have to be Halloween to have a tacky party.

Susan B

Susan B

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Susan B
Susan B

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