Industrial LOVE Plaque

This month I have a Valentine’s Day craft that’s perfect for that DIY’er in your life (or your DIY home!):

Industrial LOVE Plaque

Would you believe me that we actually had these four items laying around the house (just begging to be turned into a Valentine’s Day craft):

Industrial LOVE Plaque

It’s true.  I raided our basement hardware stash, and found four items that I thought might work for this LOVE plaque that I had in mind.  You can be creative with what you happen to have on hand, but for this project I used:


  1. Copper Wire
  2. 4″ Brass Screws
  3. A 6″ Clamp (not sure why we had these on hand, but you can find these for super cheap in the plumbing section of your hardware store).
  4. Chain (any color works!)

Okay … so my primary hardware was scrounged up.  Now … for the plaque base.

I had a wooden block from Michael’s that I had previously distressed and painted this turquoise color:

Industrial LOVE Plaque

It was destined for another project that actually never happened (this happens to me more than it should) … but that worked in my favor for this project!!  The turquoise color was an Americana Decor Chalk paint from Michael’s that I distressed with some sandpaper and then finished with this Americana Clear Wax (shown above) … also from Michael’s.


Now for the layout planning …

Industrial LOVE Plaque

Since ‘E’ was the most complicated letter of the four, I decided to attempt to use a combination of the copper wire and some upholstery tacks to create it.  The other letters were pretty straight forward.  It’s a nice coincidence that LOVE is made up of very simple and easy-to-create letters …

  • Two screws to create the ‘L’
  • Plumbing clamp to create the ‘O’
  • Chain creates the ‘V’
  • and then the most complicated …. Copper wire plus upholstery tacks to form the ‘E’.

To fasten the items in place, I actually did make a run to the hardware store.  I grabbed a package of these ‘One Hole Strap’ fasteners that I found in the electrical/cable aisle.  They worked perfectly for this project (and cost less than $2).  These along with some small screws, three small nails, and those upholstery tacks/nails that I mentioned above where all I needed to adhere all my items to the wooden plaque:

Industrial LOVE Plaque


Industrial LOVE Plaque

  • I used two of the ‘One Hole Strap’ fasteners per screw to hold the ‘L’ in place.
  • Just one ‘One Hole Strap’ fastener at the top to hold the plumbing clamp (a.k.a. the ‘O’) in place.
  • Three small nails at each of the points of the ‘V’ to keep the chain in place.
  • And … 6 upholstery nails (you could also use thumb tacks, screws, or regular nails) at each of the corners of the ‘E’.  Then simply wind the copper wire around them until you’re happy with how it looks.


And … there you have it … a very Industrial LOVE Plaque:

Industrial LOVE Plaque

Do you think it’s ‘Industrial’ and ‘Manly’ enough for the men in your life (probably not …, but it IS fun!).

Industrial LOVE Plaque

And … technically … it isn’t necessarily just Valentine’s decor.  Love is always in season (ahhh … so cheesy, sorry!).

Industrial LOVE Plaque

Do you know a DIY’er that would love this?  Or a tough tool man?




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