Shabby Chic SPRING Placemats

Hello!  I’m Katie from View From The Fridge, and I’m simply thrilled to be here today sharing my first post as a contributor to Oh My! Creative!  I just love this website, and all of Susan’s ideas and projects, and am so excited to be a part of the team!

You can read a little bit more about me over here, but I happen to live in Minnesota.  This winter has been rough up here.  The coldest winter in the past 30+ years, snow banks that are taller than me, and roads that resemble ice rinks have got me dreaming of Spring!  It’s got to arrive one of these days, right??  Anyway, the project I’m here to share with you are some easy, fun, Shabby Chic SPRING Placemats.  They would be perfect for a bridal or baby shower, a ladies dinner or cocktail party, a spring patio party, Mother’s Day brunch, or just for a fun dinner party (though I’m warning you my husband doesn’t appreciate these nearly as much as I do).   You could even use this same idea and create a fun, ruffly table runner for your next party (or just for everyday!).  I am outnumbered by males in my house, so anytime I can sneak in a little girly frill … I’m all for it!

Shabby Chic Spring Placemats

I made a set of four, and they’re all a bit different.  I was trying to go for that shabby chic look and not be too matchy-matchy.  You could easily make them all the same for a more cohesive look!

Here’s how the four turned out:

Shabby Chic Spring Placemats

These really are fairly quick, and super simple.  Best part?  They’re hard to mess up since ‘shabbiness’ is the look we’re going for here.  No need for perfection here (best kind of project … in my opinion).

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Burlap rectangles cut to the size you’d like your placemats.  I used grey burlap and cut the rectangles 12″ x 18″.
  2. Strips of thin, solid cotton fabric.  I used four different colors of solid muslin.  It’s super cheap, and I needed less than 1/4 yard of each color (they were thrilled to cut that for me at JoAnn).
  3. White lacy or eyelit fabric.  I found mine in the trim aisle.  They have a million choices, so pick your favorite.  You’ll need about 2′ per placemat.
  4. Strips of patterned fabric that coordinate with your solid color fabric.
  5. Sewing machine and thread in either a coordinating or contrasting color (your choice).
Shabby Chic Spring Placemats

Here’s a picture version of the steps (see below for the details):

Shabby Chic Spring Placemats

  1. ‘Finish’ the edges of your burlap rectangles by sewing with a zig zag stitch.  I used the widest zig zag stitch and set them to stitch close together.  I wanted the thread ‘border’ to show as much as possible.  I also say ‘finish’ because again, we’re not going for perfection here.  A couple loose threads just up the shabby factor!
  2. Cut your fabric strips.  You need these strips to be able 3.5-4x as long as your finished ruffle needs to be.  My fabric was the normal 44″-45″ wide fabric, so I simply cut 3″ strips across the width of this fabric, and they turned out perfect!  Cut these out of your solid AND patterned pieces.
  3. This is the most fun part … make your ruffles.  I never knew how easy this was until this project!  I found this great tutorial from I Heart Nap Time.  I used method four, and it couldn’t have been easier.  I set my machine at the highest tension setting (9 on my machine) and the widest stitch width (5 on mine), and simply sewed down one side.  The ruffles just magically form … it’s a little addicting (just warning ya)!

    Shabby Chic Spring Placemats
    Sewing machine settings for ruffles.
  4. Attach your solid color ruffles to burlap by sewing back over the ruffling stitch, this time using a normal straight stitch.  DON’T FORGET to change your settings!  You don’t want your whole placemat to ruffle here!  Sew these solid ruffles on each side of placemat.
  5. Sew on your pre-ruffled eyelit trim to both sides, just inside where you placed the last ruffles.  After I sewed it on, I decided it looked to ‘finished’ so I cut off the edging around the eyelit fabric to expose rough ends.
  6. Next. ruffle your patterned fabric.  For these ruffles, I did exactly the same as above only my ruffling seam was sewn down the middle of these strips (instead of along one side).
  7. Attach the patterned ruffles to your placemat just inside where you put the eyelit trim by sewing with a straight stitch.  Again … DON’T FORGET  to change the settings back to normal!!  (can you tell I accidentally did this once or twice).
  8. Trim your ruffles as you see fit, and you’re done!
Shabby Chic Spring Placemats

Set the table …

Shabby Chic Spring Placemats
Spring Table!

One of these days, I’ll show you how I made the matching flatware pockets, but those are pretty simple, too!

Shabby Chic Spring Placemats

Thanks again for having me today!  I hope this project brings some Spring inspiration to you!  I’ll be back next month with more craftiness, but feel free to stop over and say hello in the meantime!

Susan B

Susan B

Hi, I’m Susan! Thanks for stopping by Oh My! Creative. I like to have fun, make fun things…you know, create stuff! I love DIY, decorating and design and like any girl…shopping and lunch!
Susan B

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    1. Melissa … it’s totally easy!! Seriously, even if you’re not good a sewing, no one will ever know. And also, sewing ruffles is addicting!! I can’t believe I’ve never done this before. Thanks so much for stopping over to say ‘hi’. Hope you’re having a great week (well … actually I know you’re having a great week after yesterday!).

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