Turn a Grocery Store Cake Into A Custom Design Cake

I think we all love the beautiful custom cakes we see on over the internet – so many are stunning and are true works of art! Have you ever priced a fancy cake or cupcakes for that matter? There is a hefty price that comes with all that beauty! When my daughter graduated from high school last year, I really wanted a non-traditional cake. Knowing what that might cost, I opted to create my own and Turn a Grocery Store Cake Into A Custom Design Cake!

Did you know you can order a plain cake from the grocery store? It sure saves the extra work of baking it yourself. I know for me, when it was coming down to the last days before the party, I didn’t need to be baking! Plus, I wanted the professional finish for the icing. I can tell you; my icing was not going to be this smooth.

This is a graduation party cake, but you could do this for any type of party or event!

An Easy Way to Customize a Grocery Store Cake to a Designer Cake  |  OHMY-CREATIVE.COM

Daisy Graduation Party Cake  |  OHMY-CREATIVE.COM

Grocery store cake

I ordered a two-tiered cake with light yellow icing about a week before the party. Other items I used to decorate the cake were…

Wilton Pre-made Royal Icing Daisies

1 can of pre-made icing


Flat Cupcake Wrappers – the kind you assemble around the cupcake

To attach the pre-made daisies to the cake, I spread a small amount of the canned icing to the back. The icing acted like glue and secured the daisies to the cake…otherwise they just fell off. They were spaced evenly around the cake. The ribbon was cut to size using a little bit of fabric glue to secure the ends together. I did not glue the ribbon to the cake! As you can see in the picture of the undecorated cake, the bakery, placed a cardboard plate under the top layer. I was not expecting this and wasn’t very happy about it either. Luckily, I had these flat cupcake liners handy – I used four of them to cover up the cardboard. They slide nicely between the top layer of cake and the cardboard plate.

I decorated the cake a few hours before the party {I don’t recommend doing that} but that was what I did! The cake topper I made a few weeks earlier. The party had a daisy theme…I found this beautiful ring of daisies in the Martha Stewart Crafts at Michael’s. Gingham scrapbook paper was used as the backdrop for the scrapbook numbers – secure this to a cooking skewer and tie ribbons at the base.

graduation party cake topper

For the banner decoration, I used twine style yarn, scrapbook paper and letters that I tied to the bottom of the skewer. The party had a shabby chic feel – you can see more party details here.

Graduation party cake topper and design

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  1. How fantastic! This is a seriously great post because highly decorated cakes can get really pricey really fast! You’re cake turned out gorgeous! I especially love the bunting. Great post! (I came over from the Create & Inspire Party!)

  2. What a great idea.. I have never seen anyone do this. I’ll tell you, as a cake hobbiest, I’ve considered it for those times I just don’t feel like baking. This is so cute.

  3. Great tip about using a grocery-bought cake, then doing the decorating yourself! Love the sweet daisy theme for your daughter. 🙂

  4. What a great idea, plus a ton of inspiration! I’d have never in a zillion years thought of customizing a cake! Looks delish and thanks for sharing on Throwback Thursday!


  5. This is such a great idea. I like putting my own personal touches on cakes but have never considered buying a premade cake already made.

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