Quick & Easy DIY Kids Artwork Gallery

Alexis is sharing another great tutorial – A Quick & Easy DIY Kids Artwork Gallery! This is our last post from Alexis and I want to thank her for sharing so many creative ideas with us! You can continue to follow her on her blog Persia Lou!

Hey all! It’s Alexis from Persia Lou here with a quick and simple way to display your children’s artwork.

Quick and Easy DIY Kids Artwork Gallery

This project has been in the works at my house for way, way too long. Here’s the situation: I have this very empty wall in my upstairs hallway. I also happen to have a very crowded fridge overflowing with little masterpieces. See where I’m going with this? Yeah, you do. Hallway Art Gallery to the rescue!

When I was considering different options for displaying the kids’ art, it was important to me that we could easily change things up. (My kids are pretty prolific.) The solution I landed on was  really inexpensive, and I’m pretty happy with the way it looks in the hallway. Check out the before and after:

Quick and Easy DIY Kids Artwork Gallery

I think I may add a wire and clothespin display beneath the frames so the kids can show off even more. We’ll see.

To make my little gallery, I started by collecting some larger frames that I had laying around the house. I feel like you can pretty much never have too many frames, so I tend to have some laying around at all times. After giving my frames a few coats of navy blue spray paint, it was time to turn them into cork boards.

Quick and Easy DIY Kids Artwork Gallery

I got a large roll of cork from the craft store that was more than enough to make these three cork boards. I carefully cut a piece of cork to fit each frame using a craft knife. I also cut a piece of cardboard to fit the frames and hold the cork in place.

The only tricky thing about working with the rolls of cork is that it can be difficult to get the pieces to lay flat. To combat that, I used hot glue to attach the pieces of cork to the pieces of cardboard.

Then I simply pressed the cardboard into the frames. If it fits snugly, it will stay in without any difficulty.

Quick and Easy DIY Kids Artwork Gallery

(Anyone else use their kitchen shears for lots of things they weren’t intended for? Just me? Cool.)

So, when my three cork boards were all ready, I attached them to the wall with command strips. I could have used nails, but I would have had to attach hardware to the backs of the frames, so this route seemed easier.

Quick and Easy DIY Kids Artwork Gallery

I’m pretty happy with it, and my kids were very excited to pick out some favorite pictures to hang up. I am working on a little crafting space for the kids in the adjacent loft, so I think the hallway will end up being the perfect place for our little gallery.

I hope you will stop by Persia Lou to say hi and check out some of my other home projects
. Thanks so much for having me, Susan!

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