DIY Studded Lacquer Tray

Hello all! I’m Alexis, and I blog about my latest crafting, home DIYing, and crocheting adventures at Persia Lou. I am so, so excited to be a new creative contributor here at Oh My! Creative, and today I’m pretty stoked to share my latest success: my DIY Studded Lacquer Tray.

This DIY Studded Lacquer Tray is any easy trash to treasure project! For just a few dollars you can turn an old picture frame into a useful way to stay organized - plus it makes a pretty decor accent!  |  OHMY-CREATIVE.COM

Confession: the top of my dresser is messy and cluttered. It’s not pretty, folks. And I could probably just clean it off, but I was convinced I really needed a new tray first. I’ve had in my mind this beautiful, shiny green tray that would help to corral the clutter and beautify the dresser, so it was off to the thrift store to find something I could transform into my dream tray.

I spotted an acrylic box picture frame that was the right size and shape, but this thing had seen better days. It was scratched and cracked and sad. The Salvation Army wanted fifty cents for it, and, honestly, I felt like I was paying too much. I mean. Look at the thing:

I really wasn’t sure how the whole thing was going to pan out, but I took my brush and acrylic paint and just went for it. Three coats of paint got everything really opaque and covered up. I was amazed that the scratches and crack totally disappeared.


At this point, the paint would scratch off the frame pretty easily if I wasn’t careful, but I felt confident the lacquer would give it a nice, durable finish. I found a clear spray lacquer near the model making supplies at my local craft store, and gave it a try.

spray laquer

A few coats of spray lacquer later, I was feeling pretty good about my fifty cent frame. Not too shabby! To add a bit more interest, I whipped out my hot glue gun and added a row of gold iron-on studs to the outside of the tray. I used a ruler as a guide to space the studs out somewhat evenly.

glue on studs

And that was it! Paint, lacquer, studs. My tray was all ready to look pretty holding the little Nate Berkus box that I scored on clearance and kind of love.

DIY Studded Lacquer Tray - Oh My! Creative


DIY Studded Lacquer Tray - Oh My! Creative

I hope you like it, and I hope you’ll stop by Persia Lou to see what else I’ve been working on (like that watercolor pixel painting hanging out behind my new tray)!

I want to say thank you to Alexis for sharing her fabulous Studded Lacquer Tray makeover with us! I hope you will take time an visit her blog, Persia Lou!

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  1. Your tray turned out so cute!! I really love how you added the studs to the outside! Way to go girl! And, I don’t blame you that little box is too adorable!

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