DIY Diamond Ring Valentines

I’m ready to share some last-minute Valentine’s Day ideas for your little ones. How adorable are these DIY Diamond Ring Valentines? Find more free printables, sweet treats and crafts in my collection of Creative Valentine’s Day Ideas!

My daughters always love something pink and girly and I’m hoping all the moms out there will appreciate our effort to reduce the chocolate and conversation hearts that will be invading their homes any minute now!

These DIY Diamond Ring Valentines with free printable are a real gem! A little girly and cute with just enough bling for friends and classmates! |

Every year, I find myself worrying over what to give for classroom treats. My girls love handmade Valentines and I love spending time with them crafting.

It’s a win-win, provided we can find something inexpensive that we haven’t done before and isn’t already all over Pinterest.


I saw these super cute eraser rings at Target last year, but I missed that golden window of opportunity and by the time we had decided what all to make, the treats were all sold out!

This year, I went the week after Christmas and grabbed several items while they were still fully stocked! At just thirteen cents each, these are just as inexpensive as store-bought Valentine’s Day Cards and much cuter!

DIY Diamond Ring Valentines |

We designed these cute and colorful cards, four to a page, and provided easy-to-follow trim lines for your convenience.

I wanted them to be feminine without being too sweet, so these graphic gemstones from ZoollGraphics were a perfect choice. Paired with a fun hand-written font, these are perfectly modern and on-trend for your little friends!

DIY Diamond Ring Valentines |

Simply trim the cards and round the corners if you’d like! You could use baker’s twine or ribbon of your choice, but we grabbed some left-over twist ties from our craft stash, punched two small holes and used them to attach our rings.

These were perfect for keeping everything secure and sturdy but still keeping it easy enough for little fingers to detach. Nothing is worse than having to wait on your mom (or teacher!) to unwrap your treats.

DIY Diamond Ring Valentines |

Just in case you aren’t near Target or they are already all sold out (whomp whomp), we grabbed these inexpensive heart-shaped ring pops at the dollar store for an easy alternative.

We used ring pops in our Valentines last year, but they are such a fun treat and we loved making them into something completely different this year. Simply place your lollipop in these 4×6 cello bags and add some pretty washi tape on the back to secure it. Voila!

More Valentine’s Printables:

DIY Diamond Ring Valentines |

Download this DIAMONDS GIRL VALENTINE’S DAY PRINTABLE by joining my email list. 

DIY Diamond Ring Valentines |

Love these DIY Diamond Ring Valentines? Join us at Taz + Belly for more family-friendly crafts.

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