Black Crow Halloween Dessert Buffet

I am busy preparing for my own adult Halloween Party this Saturday, but I thought I would share with you the evolving backdrop for the dessert buffet. My party has a Goth theme this year. I was thinking I would take sheets of newspaper with spray painted skulls on it for behind the dessert table. As I started decorating other objects using the bag of crows I had bought…I came up with a whole new concept. I ventured to the woods to find a few branches (I found very creepy looking ones) to spray paint black. After they dried I attached them to the newspaper board with Gorilla Glue and let it dry overnight. The next day I used the newspaper I sprayed the branches on for an additional 3D effect. I crinkled the paper and attached it with tacky glue to the background. The crows had wire on their feet making it easy to attach them to the branches.

It became sculptural – and I love it! I added a branch to the hurricane candle and added a crow there as well as on the birdcage.

This side view shows how the branches stick out from the wall about 8 inches.

Cupcake toppers from skulls bought at the dollar store. I bought a bag of plastic skulls at Dollar Tree. Poked a hole in the bottom of the skull and inserted a toothpick. Finished them off with a polka dot ribbon.

See how I made these skull candle holders here. 

The bathroom – I made this bloody shower curtain and bath mat placing a strobe light behind the curtain. Great effect! Dollar store shower curtain and bath mat plus red paint.

Party started outdoors. Made walkway lanterns from milk cartons and skull photo copies. Guest followed down the walk to the party.

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Susan B

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