Top 10 Christmas Movies On Netflix: Best Christmas Movies to Watch

Christmas is full of traditions and good Christmas movies are a great way to spend time with family. This is a season full of excitement, love and the amazing Christmas spirit. Everyone seems to be feeling great and ready to help out. Movies would be a great addition to this excitement. Here are Top 10 Christmas movies on Netflix your family will find enjoyable to add to the Christmas movie lineup.

I also love this Christmas Eve tradition for the kids…The Night Before Christmas Box. What an adorable idea for the family!

And of course, family matching Christmas pajamas…so adorable!

Memories will be made spending time with family watching these Top 10 Christmas Movies on Netflix! Great holiday movies for the whole family! OHMY-CREATIVE.COM #christmasmovies #netflixchristmasmovies #netflixmovies


Best Christmas movies to watch on Netflix

1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Although this movie is more targeted to children, there is no hurt in watching a completely unchained Jim Carrey. Jim delivers his best in this movie, acting like a Grinch who lives in a garbage dump on a hill that overlooks a pretty little town. The Grinch hates everything these people do and more particularly, their favorite holiday. He, therefore, decides to steal the presents and spoil the holiday for them and what ensues is one of the most interesting and engaging scenes Jim Carrey has played.

Best Christmas movies to watch on Netflix

2. A Christmas Prince

This movie follows the story of a journalist who goes abroad as an undercover to try and canvass the royal family. She is caught in a weird web when she unconsciously falls in love with the prince who has no idea that she exists. This movie will be a great watch to learn whether love persisted and succeeded or nothing happened.

Best Christmas movies to watch on Netflix

3. The Ref

Kevin Spacey and Denis Leary are absolutely hilarious in this comical movie. Denis is a criminal on the loose and on the run from the law. He decides to take hostage a whole family as he plans his next move. The only issue is that he chooses the wrong crazy family to take hostage. What follows is a great and hilarious action that will make this movie a delight to watch.

Best Christmas movies to watch on Netflix

4. A Holiday Engagement

What do you do when you get dumped and the family expects you to be married soon? Simple; just hire a fiancé and let him accompany you during the holiday weekend with family. What could go wrong?

Best Christmas movies to watch on Netflix

5. White Christmas

This is another movie that never gets old. It was shot in 1954. It follows the story of two veterans who decide to travel out to help a friend in need with his struggling restaurant. There is great music to sing along and the choreography is on point. Your family will love watching this movie.

Best Christmas movies to watch on Netflix

6. Gremlins

A father wants to give his son a unique gift, so he goes to China town and gets a Gremlin who comes with all sorts of instructions. Soon enough these instructions are broken and the gremlins multiply, causing damage and havoc to the city.

Best Christmas movies to watch on Netflix

7. Christmas Inheritance

A spoilt young heiress is about to inherit a lot of money but there is only one condition: She has to learn how to value helping others. To do so, she is sent to a remote and small town. It is an interesting movie to watch.

Best Christmas movies to watch on Netflix

8. Mickey’s Magical Christmas

This is for the kids and all their favorite characters have been brought together to enable the kids to have that magical Christmas experience.

Best Christmas movies to watch on Netflix

9. Tree man

A story about love, sharing, and kindness. The tree man is a beloved man who lives in a van and sells trees during Christmas. People adore him and they bring him free food and let him shower in their houses. It proves that love and compassion could exist in a busy city such as NewYork.

Best Christmas movies to watch on Netflix

10. Bad Santa

Billy Bob Thornton acts bad Santa who is a drunk and suicidal. He is given a unique gift by a kid and in his exploit to find a unique gift to give back, we are presented with great humor and twisted comedy that make the movie worth watching.



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