Unique Graduation Gifts

Stand out from the crowd and buy one of these unique graduation gifts. These are graduation gifts that are perfect for high school and college graduations. Check out The Best Graduation Gifts To Give for more ideas!

This list of unique graduation gifts contains the best and most-wanted gifts that all graduates want. These gifts will make them say, “oh wow! That’s so awesome, I had no idea they made things like this.”

Your gift will stand out from the crowd. There are a variety of different types of gifts on this list too. You’ll find funny gifts, useful gifts, sentimental ones, and even a few gifts everyone wants when they see it.

A collage of unique graduation gifts for guys and girls.

When you want to give someone a gift that no one else will buy them, then check out these unique gifts.

One of the best things about buying creative gifts is that it looks like you spent time searching for the perfect thing. It has so much more meaning behind it.

How To Find A Unique Graduation Gift

Before we get to the list, I want to share a few gift-buying tips with you.

How do you find a unique graduation gift? Here are my best tricks.

Avoid Endcaps

One of the best ways to make sure you aren’t buying the same gift as everyone else is to avoid endcaps and graduation displays. If you see a bunch of gifts that all look the same, keep walking.

The same thing goes for online shopping. Don’t click through ads either. If you see “sponsored result” on Amazon, scroll past it. Chances are that a bunch of other people saw that same ad.

Shop Online

Another way to find unique graduation gifts is to shop online – mostly on Etsy. When you buy handmade gifts, they will stand out from the mass-produced options.

Buy From Local Boutiques

Another way to support small businesses and buy gifts that stand out is to shop at local boutiques or booths at craft fairs. These gifts are not coming off an assembly line, they are made by hand by someone in your area.

No matter what you do, the best way to buy unique gifts is to go where people aren’t shopping and look for gifts there.

A collage of unique graduation gifts for guys and girls.

That’s not to say you can’t get things from the popular stands, shops, or displays at stores. If your graduate loves a best-selling author, get them a few books. Or, buy something directly from the author online.

Types Of Unique Gifts

What makes a gift unique? These are the most popular types of gifts that will stand out (and I included these kinds of gifts in my list below).


If the gift has an inspiring quote or is a book that will inspire them to reach for their dreams, then this gift will stand out. Inspirational gifts are unique and always wanted.


If you find a tech gadget that blows your mind, then grab it! This includes things like a self-warming coffee cup, a gadget that stirs food for you while it cooks, or a notebook that automatically uploads notes to an app.

These techy gadgets are impressive and always stand out.

Funny Gifts

Getting something with graduation puns will stand out from all the other gifts too! Go for the humor of the gift and it will be the star of the party.

A collage of unique graduation gifts for guys and girls.

Shopping for graduation gifts should be fun! When it comes to buying graduation gifts for anyone, you just have to go with your gut. If you love it, they probably will too.

More Graduation Gift Ideas

As you keep looking for graduation gifts, I have even more ideas you can browse!

There are so many fantastic things to buy for college and high-school graduates, and I love to find them and share them with you.

Here you go! Browse this list of unique graduation gifts and buy your favorites! Scroll through them and add a few to your cart – shopping online has never been easier!

Unique Graduation Gifts

Where is your favorite place to buy unique graduation gifts? Share with me in the comments!

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