Easy DIY Floral Initial

This Easy DIY Floral Initial is a perfect spring craft and an easy way to decorate your home for spring!

In honor of celebrating the (much anticipated) arrival of spring, I’ve come up with this fun and easy DIY floral initial that’s ready to ring in that sunshine, warmth, and snow melt!

Create a Floral Initial Letter Decor Accent for the home!

I love the idea of using initials in home decor. They are fun and visual and they can represent your family if you use the first initial of your last name!

The great thing about this craft is that you can make something beautiful without breaking the bank and you can do it in 3 easy steps. Not so bad, right? Let’s get started!

floral initial materials

Floral Initial Materials:

–  Letter of your choice (can be wood or cardboard)

– Assorted faux flowers in desired colors (make sure to get a variety of sizes and styles for maximum impact!)

– Wire cutters

– Glue gun

– Glue gun sticks

– Coordinating ribbon or twine (optional)

Step One:

floral initial tutorial step one

First, you have to get your flowers ready! Take your wire cutters and snip all of the flower heads from the stems. Trim as close as you can to the actual flower because if you have too much stem sticking out it won’t lay nicely on your letter. I learned this the hard way.

Some flowers may fall apart a little bit when trimmed this close, but don’t worry, they’ll all stick together nicely when you hot glue them – the glue will soak through the petal layers, bonding them together again.

When you are finished you should have a nice pile like so:

floral Silk flowers

Step Two:

How to hot glue silk flowers on large letters

Get that hot glue gun out! I strongly suggest you lay out your flowers on top of your letter first to get an idea for where you want certain pieces to go. Take a mental (or real!) photo to refer back to. Push a little hot glue onto the back of each flower and press it firmly to your letter.

How to hot glue silk flowers on large letters

floral initial close up

Keep going until you have filled all the big spaces of your letter!

Step Three:

floral initial step three

There will be some holes between your bigger flowers that you won’t want to leave uncovered. That’s where these little guys come in! To fill in my remaining holes I chose tiny green clover-like sprigs to add to the springy feel I am going for. You can also just use smaller flowers or bits of flowers. It’s up to you!

(Optional) If you want your initial to hang on the wall, glue a pretty piece of ribbon to the back of your letter if there isn’t already some sort of hanging device on the back. I am just putting mine on the mantelpiece so there’s no need for anything else!

 And here’s the finished floral initial!

Create a Floral Initial Letter Decor Accent for the home!

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You now have a lovely, springy piece of art that represents you and can brighten up your home during these gloomy months!

Create a Floral Initial Letter Decor Accent for the home!

Create a Floral Initial Letter Decor Accent for the home!

By Dwell Beautiful

What’s your favorite thing about spring?

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