Chicken Wire Cloche

Hi there!  It’s Katie from View From The Fridge back today with another DIY project … a DIY Chicken Wire Cloche!

DIY Wire Cloche  |  View From The Fridge


I’d have to say … Chicken wire is becoming the new black.  Or, more like … the new ‘chalkboard’ of crafting materials.  It has even made a debut at Michael’s.  I’m pretty sure the people purchasing it from the craft store are not bringing it home to contain their chickens.

I did buy my chicken wire from the Home Improvement store, however (I feel like this ups my credibility).  My husband was again thoroughly confused by what I was up to (this is not new … he is often perplexed by my ‘projects’).  I’m pretty sure he’s still confused  by my cloche, though.  He asked me why the plants were ‘in jail’.  Someone explain to him that things just look much more important when you put a cloche over them!!

DIY Wire Cloche  |  View From The Fridge


Okay … I realize this cloche is PURELY decorative and is completely useless.  But it is pretty, huh?

Want to make one?  Here’s how ..

You’ll need:


DIY Wire Cloche  |  View From The Fridge

  1. Chicken wire (a.k.a. Hex Netting).
  2. A fancy broach (or a cheap one on clearance at Michael’s).
  3. NOT a scissors (see result of trying to use one above).
  4. Instead, you’ll need a wire cutter
  5. Metal ring.  They sell these at the craft stores near the jewelry making stuff (not entirely sure what people usually buy these for).

And here’s how it all goes down:


DIY Wire Cloche  |  View From The Fridge

  1. Cut a rectangle out of chicken wire.  Mine was about 15″ tall x 24″  (your second dimension should be equal to the circumference of your ring .  On one of the ends (one of the sides that matches the circumference of the ring), wrap bare ends of wire around ring
  2. On the other side, fold in the ends to form a dome.
  3. Trim ends at the top ‘dome’.
  4. Apply a large dollop of hot glue to back of broach.
  5. Stick broach onto top of cloche.  Flip and apply more glue underneath broach.
  6. That’s it!  Put a plant inside (or … ‘in jail’ as my hubby says).

DIY Wire Cloche  |  View From The Fridge


DIY Wire Cloche  |  View From The Fridge

DIY Wire Cloche  |  View From The Fridge



DIY Wire Cloche  |  View From The Fridge


That’s it!  What do you think … do my flowers and plants look like they’re ‘in jail’?  Ha!  Make one … or five!  Oh, and I recommend gloves (they’ll help prevent your hands from taking a beating!!).


Thanks for having me here!  I’ll be back next month, but stop over and say ‘hello’ if you have a minute!

Susan B

Susan B

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  1. I love this! Chicken wire really is the new…Macrame? Toile? Haha! I love that something used to hold livestock is now appearing with brooches on our dining room tables! And looking fabulous! Well done!

  2. Hi Susan, well I landed on a great blog when I found yours. I love the things that you have made, so much so I am featuring 3 of your blogs posts, hope that you can come by to see what they are this weekend. I had fun writing about them.

    Have a great weekend
    Oh My Heartsie Girl

  3. Thank you for making and sharing this idea. It is not simply decorative and useless as it protects your plants from the beloved family cat. I am in the process of making chicken wire cages for my plants as the new apartment has an enclosed porch. My ideas are plain and I have been striving to allow the cages not to detract from the plants. Your idea is perfect! Kisses and hugs for your generosity and ingenuity!

    1. What a perfect use for the Chicken Wire Cloche, Phyllis! These would be decorative as well as useful to keep the cat away! Hope they are successful for you! Have a great day!

  4. These are beautiful, and serve a real purpose here in Tucson where packrats like to eat perfect little cacti and succulents.

    1. Thanks – they are a pretty way to display small plants and flower. Great for keeping the critters away too!

  5. I’m going to do this for my potted parsley that I grow for the swallowtail butterflys. The birds come along and eat the chrysalis that are starched to the pots.

  6. With a fine mesh fabric, you could make custom dish covers to keep insects away from food being served outdoors. Farmhouse picnic chic anyone?

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