DIY Monogram Family Quote Frame

Hey everyone!  I am happy to be here at Oh My! Creative!  Today I have a fun project to share – this DIY Monogram Family Quote Frame.

DIY Monogram Family Quote Frame - MyLove2Create

It was pretty simple, but I love it!  It makes me think of spring with the bright color (wishful thinking).

It all started with a dusty frame…

DIY Monogram Family Quote Frame - MyLove2Create

I have had this frame for a while, I found it in a pile of free wood, I knew some day I would use it.

DIY Monogram Family Quote Frame - MyLove2Create

I decided to finally pull it out and make a sign with it.  I wanted a rustic back ground so I re used wood from an old project that had been knocked off the wall and broken (kids!).   I started by seeing how they would fit in the frame.  One piece was a little too wide, so I marked it and cut it with a jigsaw.  It fits perfect now!

DIY Monogram Family Quote Frame - MyLove2Create

The old frame was pretty sturdy, but had some cracks, so I filled them.

DIY Monogram Family Quote Frame - MyLove2Create

I cleaned the frame really well and sanded it.  Then I primed and painted!  I like to buy the mis tinted little jars of paint at Home Depot, they are only 50 cents!

DIY Monogram Family Quote Frame - MyLove2Create

Then I glued in the boards with my Gorilla Glue and let it dry.

DIY Monogram Family Quote Frame - MyLove2Create

I was wanting a monogram look so I cut out the letter of our last name and painted it on.  But I didn’t like it…hmmmm

DIY Monogram Family Quote Frame - MyLove2Create

I just seemed to plain, so I looked for family quotes and found this one.  I quickly made a stencil out of contact paper and dry brushed over it.  If I use hardly any paint, it doesn’t bleed.

DIY Monogram Family Quote Frame - MyLove2Create

Gave it a little distressing, and I was done!!  Oh, I did change the wire hanger on the back so the frame could hang the other direction, forgot to take a picture of that step!

DIY Monogram Family Quote Frame - MyLove2Create

I love repurposed wood, this was from an old fence.  I like the overlapping quote over the letter C, it looks much better than being all alone.

DIY Monogram Family Quote Frame - MyLove2Create

Do you like the color?  My husband wasn’t too hot on it, but I think it is fun a bright….ready for Spring!!

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  1. I so love this Mindi!!!! And how awesome that you picked up that frame for free! Way to repurpose! And I happen to really like that color! It is a perfect modern color to pair with the wood slates! Beautifully done! You are a talent and there aren’t many women who can use tools like you!! Nicole

  2. Mindi–Love your monogram family quote. :)

    I stencil like this all the time for my Etsy signs (well the quote, not the monogram) I like the layering!

    the color is fun too… I long for Spring!

  3. Perfect wall art for a family! Thanks for the great tutorial.

  4. This turned out fabulous! I like the family quote over the C better as well. I love finding old frames and giving them new life so I had to check this post out!

  5. What a classy update to pallet/scrap wood art! Love the sentiment and the color. Pinned it!

  6. This is wonderful Susan! Great tutorial (I lust for a jigsaw, lol) and beautiful end result! I would totally use this in my home :)

  7. This is such a cute idea! I can’t wait to do this once we get settled into our new home (sometime in the next year!) Thanks for linking up with Moonlight & Mason Jars this week.

  8. I love it! So fun and such a bright pop of color. Thanks for sharing at Fridays Unfolded!


  9. I love the color. I’m a big fan of turquoise! It’s part of my living room’s color scheme. :)

  10. Mendy Simmons says:

    I am not understanding how you put the quote on there. Can you please share with me?

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