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The Best 50 Hot Cocoa Bombs Recipes

Just in case you missed the most popular baking treat right now, it’s Hot Cocoa Bombs! There are so many different ways to make these that people are STILL coming up with new combinations of chocolate, candy, and flavors. Learn how to make hot cocoa bombs with these fun 50 variations – try them all!

A collage of 50 hot cocoa bombs and recipes.


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So what is a hot cocoa bomb?

A hot cocoa bomb (hot chocolate bomb) is a sphere of chocolate that when warm milk is poured over it, it slowly melts and releases hot cocoa and marshmallows. It makes a delicious warm cup of hot cocoa to enjoy, not to mention the flavor combos are something to savor one sip at a time!

Hot Cocoa Bomb Molds And Supplies

If you need ideas on what you need to have on hand to get started with making hot chocolate bombs here are some great ones:

So without further ado, here are some of the best hot cocoa bombs on the internet today:

1. Turtle Hot Cocoa Bombs from Wondermom Wannabe

If you love turtle chocolates, then making your own turtle hot cocoa bombs is taking it to the next level.

2. Kit Kat Hot Cocoa Bombs from Dollar Crafter

Add a tiny bit of crunch with the wafery taste from the Kit Kat Candy in this twist on the cocoa bombs. You can even print the step by step instructions too!

3. Minnie Mouse Hot Cocoa Bombs from The Farm Girl Gabs

See some Disney in your cocoa bombs with these easy to make Minnie Mouse cocoa bombs, you can even adapt and make Mickey ones too!

4. Caramel Mocha Hot Cocoa Bombs from Sweet Addict Bakery

This recipe calls for the use of the classic Werther’s candy which already has our mouths watering. Just imagine that melted caramel mixed with the mocha flavor all mixed in with warm milk!

5. White Hot Chocolate Cocoa Bombs from Joy Filled Eats

Finding White Hot Chocolate is a bit hard these days BUT if you can grab some then making these white chocolate with white hot chocolate combo bombs are going to be top-notch and in demand for sure!

6. Unicorn Hot Chocolate Bombs from A Magical Mess

Bring some magic in with these BEAUTIFUL well-made unicorn themed hot cocoa bombs. These aren’t as hard to make as they make look either!

7. Keto Hot Chocolate Bombs from Low Carb Inspirations

If you’re following the Keto diet you can still enjoy these sweet treats, this recipe uses all Keto friendly ingredients and they still come out amazing!

8. Twix Hot Chocolate Bombs from Wondermom Wannabe

Another great way to use candy to change the classic hot cocoa bombs recipe. Step by step recipe with pictures on how to make these bombs.

9. Easy to Make Classic Hot Cocoa Bombs from Savory Experiments

This recipe shows you the basics of hot cocoa bombs with step by step pictures and directions. Great beginner’s recipe to start with!

10. Holiday Hot Chocolate Bombs from The Suburban Soapbox

If you need some ideas on how to make holiday themed cocoa bombs, start here. You can mix the colors and sprinkles up to make something specific to the holiday!

11. Instant Pot Hot Cocoa Bombs from Princess Pinky Girl

Just when you thought your Instant Pot couldn’t do anymore, there’s cocoa bombs! You can skip having to stick the two halves together and make these super quick!

12. Peppermint Hot Cocoa Bombs from Ruffles and Rain Boots

Make these crisp tasting peppermint cocoa bombs in 10 minutes! You can make these year-round and they’re still in season!

13. Poinsettia Hot Cocoa Bombs from Dollar Crafter

These one of a kind cocoa bombs are sure to wow everyone! They just take a few extra steps from the classic recipes and they look beautiful!

14. Mint Hot Cocoa Bombs from Wondermom Wannabe

Add just a dash of mint to your cocoa with these cocoa bombs. If you love the chocolate mint combo like Andes then you’ll love these!

15. Pumpkin Spice Cocoa Bombs from Pumpkin Obsessed

Pumpkin spice doesn’t have to be just one season of the year. Make it popular year-round with these pumpkin tasting cocoa bombs you can make as gifts for your favorite pumpkin spice lover!

16. Blue Unicorn Hot Cocoa Bombs from Scrambled Chefs

What makes these so magical is the inside bits, make them super bright and colorful to bring out the unique unicorn cocoa bombs!

17. Hot Chocolate Bombs with Marshmallows from Soap Deli News

Ok, these are too cute not to make. A new twist on classic marshmallows, these cocoa bombs feature CORGI marshmallows!

18. Lego Man Hot Cocoa Bombs from Mommy Musings

You’ll be the coolest person around when you make these LEGO man hot cocoa bombs! Perfect for themed parties!

19. Lucky Charms Hot Chocolate Bombs from Hugs and Cookies XOXO

All kids pretty much love Lucky Charms and now they can DRINK it too in these festive cocoa bombs!

20. Snickerdoodle Hot Chocolate Bombs from The Denver Housewife

If you love snickerdoodle cookies you’re going to drool over these cocoa bombs. This recipe just adds a couple of extra ingredients from the classic recipes.

21. Red Velvet Hot Chocolate Cocoa Bombs from Atta Girl Says

This delicious take on cocoa bombs just keeps making them better and better. Make these for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or year-round!

22. Salted Caramel Hot Cocoa Bombs from Venture 1105

For those that like sweet and salty, these are the perfect cocoa bombs for you. Plus salted caramel is pretty popular these days too, so they’re sure to be a hit as gifts!

23. Baseball Hot Chocolate Bombs from That Baseball Mom

Celebrate those wins or use them as cool favors at the next game gathering. These baseball themed cocoa bombs are sure to win over the crowd.

24. S’mores Hot Chocolate Bombs from Bless This Mess Please

Enjoy all the goodness of a s’mores while you’re inside, warm and bundled up. There are even toasted marshmallows on top too!

25. Nutella Hot Cocoa Bombs from Hispana Global

Nutella goes with everything, including cocoa bombs! These are going to taste AMAZING as they melt into that warm milk! Warning, may be addicting.

26. Hot Chocolate Bombs from Kleinworth & Co

This recipe shows you how you can make different cocoa bombs once you have the basics down. Plus they also have the VIDEO of how the cocoa bombs melt too!

27. Butterfinger Hot Chocolate Bombs from Maria’s Mixing Bowl

Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger cocoa bomb! Make these crunchy and savory cocoa bombs super quick and easy with this recipe.

28. Almond Joy Hot Cocoa Bombs from Mommy Musings

If they like a little coconut then make sure to make these Almond Joy Candy cocoa bombs! The nuts are optional and the coconut isn’t overwhelming at all once melted.

29. Dairy Free Hot Cocoa Bombs from On My Kids Plate

This has to be the best idea for those with dairy allergies, you can make these with dairy free chocolate chips. It does take a little bit longer to create than regular cocoa bombs but it’s so worth it!

30. Frozen Themed Hot Cocoa Bombs from Wondermom Wannabe

The kids can “Let it Go” while their Frozen cocoa bombs melt away into a delicious cup of hot chocolate with these easy to make five ingredient cocoa bombs.

31. Classic Hot Chocolate Bombs from Hezzi-D’s Books and Cooks

If you’ve never made a cocoa bomb and are a visual learner, this is the one for you. Step by step instructions that are easy to follow with pictures to help you along the way.

32. Oreo Hot Cocoa Bombs from Confessions of Parenting

Combine cookies and chocolate when you make these two-tone hot chocolate bombs. The only difference from the original bombs is just two additional ingredients.

33. Valentine’s Day M&M Hot Chocolate Bombs from Frosting & Glue

Be festive and add some pink, red, and white to your coco bombs with this amazing recipe. Classic cocoa bomb recipe with a holiday twist. (Use different M&Ms for different taste combinations)

34. Unicorn Hot Cocoa Bombs from Dollar Crafter

A mystical turn on the cocoa bombs, create magical unicorn shaped cocoa bombs that are perfect for birthday parties!

35. White Chocolate Mocha Hot Chocolate Bombs from Saving Dollars & Sense

Change up the taste and add coffee instead of hot chocolate! You can get the powder flavored mixes like cappuccino that are ready to go at the store!

36. Peppermint Mocha Hot Cocoa Bombs from The Farm Girl Gabs

A holiday twist on these classic cocoa bombs. You can make these during Valentine’s or Christmas with the red and white of the peppermint adding a colorful blast to them (plus peppermint is said to soothe upset stomachs).

37. Bailey’s Spiked Hot Cocoa Bombs from Sweet Addict Bakery

You can create a next level cocoa bomb for just the adults with this recipe. Printable recipe you can keep and step by step directions for those new to making cocoa bombs.

38. Chocolate Valentine’s Day Cocoa Bombs from The Flying Couponer

Add some love on top of these classic hot cocoa bombs. You can use themed marshmallows or seasonal sprinkles.

39. Keto Hot Chocolate Bombs from Joy Filled Eats

For those following their Keto diet, you can still enjoy these sweet treats! A great gift idea for someone that follows the Keto diet as well.

40. Easy Made Hot Cocoa Bombs from A Magical Mess

A new way to make the cocoa bombs that doesn’t require sealing two pieces together (making it faster and easier to finish these!)

41. Truffle Hot Cocoa Bombs from Julie Measures

If you want to skip all the mess this is an easy way to have cocoa bombs without the work. You can mix flavors of the truffles to create new tastes!

42. Mocha Hot Chocolate Bombs from Aimee Geroux

If you’re not a huge hot chocolate fan but love mocha, these are the hot cocoa bombs for you! Great for adults that don’t prefer hot chocolate but still like their morning coffee fix.

43. 10 Minute Grinch Hot Chocolate Bombs from Ruffles & Rain Boots

If you need last minute classroom gift ideas for Read Across American week or Christmas these are perfect!

44. Gingerbread House Hot Cocoa Bombs from Nerdy Mamma

While these are a bit seasonal you can make these Gingerbread House bombs as part of a sampler set as gifts!

45. Rainbow White Chocolate Cocoa Bombs from Kimspired DIY

Adults and kids alike are sure to love these colorful chocolate filled bombs. These you can make and then let the kids decorate with all the colors they want!

46. Fruity Pebbles Hot Cocoa Bombs from Hot Eats and Good Reads

Use some of that cereal from the bottom of the boxes to finish these fruity cocoa bombs, if you’re worried about them not looking perfect these are great starter cocoa bombs as you can cover the messes with the cereal.

47. Creme Brulee Hot Cocoa Bombs from Mission to Save

A fancy touch to classic hot cocoa bombs and would make for great gifts! Great step by step instructions with pictures to follow!

48. Caramel Hot Cocoa Bombs from Simply Designing

If you like a dash of caramel chocolate these are going to be mouth watering for you. You can drizzle the caramel on top and as some for the sealing when putting the two halves together for an added element of the caramel.

49. Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate Bombs from Becoming Family

Who says Pumpkin Spice is seasonal? Now you can create pumpkin spice hot chocolate year-round with these delicious melts. (You just need the pumpkin spice mix in bulk for those super fans!)

50. Halloween Hot Chocolate Bombs from Girls’ Life

Keep it spooky and festive with these adorable cocoa bombs that feature ghost marshmallows!


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